Leftists; Enemies of Free Speech

By: Doug Hagin

There are some great lies told in the world. The check is in the mail, for example, is an oft-repeated mistruth. When we hear it, we know, from experience, it is a lie. Likewise, when we hear someone from the left say “We are tolerant, Conservatives are intolerant”. We know, again from experience, that they are lying, or delusional. The cold, hard, undeniable fact is this, Leftists, not Liberals, but Leftists, are the most intolerant, bigoted, and exclusionary people in America.

Now, I realize full well that these statements will surely enrage those on the far left (Leftists), who love to scream how tolerant they are. Well, to those folks I say tough! The record of Leftists is not one of tolerance, nor is it one of embracing free speech. Oh, do not get me wrong. Leftists love free speech, as long as they are the ones speaking, or the person speaking is toeing the leftist line. Let anyone disagree with the speech of a Leftist, or use their speech to offer a differing ideological view, and look out!

Take the Dixie Chicks for example. They used their free speech to bash the president. They were darn proud to stand on the right to free speech weren’t they? Sure they were. Yet, when fans of the Dixie Chicks stopped buying their CD’s or radio stations stopped playing their music the Chicks changed their tune. They did not defend the freedom of expression of their critics did they? No, instead they started whining that their freedom of expression had been squashed. Apparently, Leftists think freedom of speech means freedom from others disagreeing with them. Sorry, it does not work that way.

Leftists, as the example of the Dipsy Chicks illustrates, feel their freedom of speech somehow is not to be shared with those who disagree with them. This is, of course, a very common problem with the left. How many times have we heard Leftists stealing college newspapers so that no one can read a certain article or op-ed? All too often my friends. Moreover, how often do the neo-Marxists who steal these papers defend their actions by announcing that the article that offended them was not “protected speech”? Again, the left seems to hold themselves up as the sole arbiters of who should speak, and what they should say. Again, this is NOT freedom of speech, and it certainly is not tolerance or inclusion.

The most recent example of this Leftist “tolerance” is how a speaker from the Minutemen was treated at Columbia University. As Jim Gilchrist was just starting his speech, a group of self-righteous punks rushed the stage, yelling, chanting and generally making their lack of class obscenely obvious. Tell me, how often have you heard of a Conservative, or Libertarian group behaving in a similar manner? No, I did not think you had.

There lies the difference between Conservatives and Leftists. No matter how grievously a Conservative group disagreed with the speaker or speakers, they would have not jumped on the stage in a bullying manner. They would have waited for their opportunity to debate the ideological points. They would have acted like adults instead of like thugs intent on intimidating their ideological opponents into silence and submission. They would have recognized that, no matter how deeply offensive the speech was, the speaker had every right to say it. Any true Conservative would not have allowed their emotions to overcome their intellect. That is something Leftists are, apparently, completely incapable of.

These students at Columbia had a perfect right to disagree and to debate the issues they disagreed with Gilchrist about. They did not wish to debate though. They wished to bully Gilchrist into silence. Of course, similar tactics of intimidation have been used against other Conservative speakers on college campuses. Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Bill Cristol, Pat Buchanan and others have had pies thrown at them, and had the stages they were attempting to speak on rushed in a threatening manner. Behold Leftist tolerance! As a Conservative who has given speeches on several occasions, I wonder if I will ever get the opportunity to be rushed by some neo-Marxist speech censor. I would consider it an honor to drop the first thug who tried it frankly.

Why are Leftists prone to act this way? Immaturity perhaps? Maybe since their entire ideological value system is based on emotionalism they find it hard to control themselves. Maybe their general lack of a belief in God, or in any reasonable moral code, allows such behavior. Personally, I think it comes from their desperate fear that the other side will actually be heard.
If I had to bet on one thing being the root of Leftist censorship of free speech, it would be that reason. Face it, Leftist theology (yes, I think they are deeply religious, worshipping at the altar of Marx) is not one that can stand up to intellectual scrutiny. Every single ideal they hold dear has been proven an utter failure in the real world. Gun control, abortion on demand, high taxation, and pacifism in the face of evil, you name it, and the far left is dead wrong about it. So it only makes sense that they would stoop to any act, no matter how pathetic, to silence the other side.

Deep down, deep in their hearts they know their ideology is flat wrong, yet their emotionally driven nature will never allow facts to overrule their feelings. In the end their feelings is all they have, is, ultimately, all they are. No way will they allow those feelings to change. Allowing an open examination of their ideals would lead to a rejection of those ideals. For a Leftist, rejecting their ideals would mean they would force them to let go of their delusional desire for some Marxist utopia. They will do anything to avoid that, including crushing the freedom they claim to hold most dear!

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