Taking back our country

By: Carolyn Hileman

It occurs to me that if we wish to win this fight on illegal immigration then we must play by their rules, number one refuse to show your ID at emergency rooms and schools, since there is no reason to have to prove you are here legally they do not need to see it, if they insist scream about discrimination. Since this country is no longer governed by any law that we recognize I am of a mind that we do not have to heed them either. Do not I repeat DO NOT put money in the plate on Sunday if your church is supporting illegal immigration, let them see what a few Sundays with out the Gringo’s money will do?

If you are going to protest, then protest those companies who are hiring illegal immigrants, protest the media that watches and sees and never reports the truth. We learned today that McDonalds and Taco Bell buy their food from farmers who hire illegal immigrants and they are trying to force McDonalds into making sure that their farmers give them a raise call your local McDonalds and Taco Bell and tell them Hell no, they came here illegally accepted those wages and we are tired of hearing them whine about it. If they don’t like they can go home, if those companies do not change their policies or refuse to change their policies then let them know you will not be eating there.

We have gone to our leaders and our leaders have dropped the ball big time it is time we stop focusing on those people and start focusing on the ones who are benefiting from this. That is the companies, we need massive protests in front of these companies, and we need signs saying this company is selling out our country. Once their pocket book starts thinning out I suspect they will come around to our point of view. As far as the schools, if they insist on having a Mexican Holiday you need to demand they have an American one as well.

It may be time to contact a few attorneys as I don’t know about you but I am definitely feeling discriminated against, we need to form a large class action lawsuit against our government for discrimination. The reason I say that is the law is different for illegal immigrants than for Americans and it is high time it stopped, if filing a class action lawsuit is what it takes to get our country back sign me up!!! I want to see massive protest against local and national TV; it would be nice if people would protest outside ABC when they are doing their outside shots in the morning. I for one am tired of feeling like we are spinning our wheels.

I say it is time we take the fight to them and show them who IS AMERICA and it damn sure is not them. The American people if we stand together can defeat anyone who tries to harm our country and it is time we stood together and fight harder than we ever have, we need to let everyone know who it is that is really paying the taxes and the bills for their pet immigration project. We are Americans and Americans never run from a fight, we take the fight to them and we are taking back our county starting TODAY….

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