I’m Not Ready To Give Up Yet

By: Carolyn Hileman

I am fully aware that they out number us in people who are willing to fight for what they believe, but I am not ready to give up yet. I know that the democrats and the republican leaders are falling all over themselves to give them the keys to our country, but I am not ready to give up yet. Yes, I know the police and media look the other way when their marches turn violent, but I’m not ready to give up yet. I am aware that they can break just about any law on the books and nothing will be done, or they will be deported and come right back, but I’m not ready to give up yet.

You see I still believe in my country, I believe in that flag they keep disgracing, I believe in the people of this great country and I believe that one by one they will start to make a stand in their own way, so I’m not ready to give up yet. I believe in the grand mother who is on oxygen standing on the side of the road for her grand children’s future, I believe in the woman who is fighting breast cancer who stands up for those whom she knows cannot be there because they have to work with illegal immigrants. I believe in the young mother who stands there in defense of her baby, the man who just got off work at nine in the morning, who should be home sleeping but is standing there instead because he has seen what the illegal immigrants have done to the hospital he works at, no I am not ready to give up yet.

I believe in the children who watched as their fellow students walked out in protest knowing that if they did something like that they would be expelled and yet they showed up for a rally that weekend. I believe in the young men and women who screamed at the top of their lungs “You’ll never take my country!!!” No I’m not ready to give up yet. I believe in the soldier who just came home from defending our country only to be caught up in a protest to stop illegal immigration from taking over the country he just finished fighting for, no I’m not ready to give up yet.

You see the people of this great country for the most part mind their own business; they are used to seeing different people, different cultures and for the most part they have accepted it as a part of life here in America. But this was different, this was ominous, this was a mass invasion planned and implemented on our own soil. The people kept waiting on some one in power to step forward and stop this insanity, but none would step forward. That my friend is when the American people started taking matters in their own hands, people of all different races, cultures and genders suddenly picked up the American flag again, this time to fight on our own soil, no I’m not ready to give up yet.

You see there is a reason we American’s pick up our flag when we sense danger, we know that, that flag has marched in every single battle America has ever undertaken, it has covered many a soldier when he was cold at night or his coffin when he made his final trip home. That flag represents America and her people, it was the only thing we could think of when the planes hit the Trade Centers, it was our way of showing unity with those who were injured and slain, it was the one thing that we could do when it felt as though there was not anything we could do. That flag is an important symbol of our freedom and she will be defended by young and old alike.

You would have to tear the flag from the hand of a true American and then you would have to tear it from their hearts and that my friend simply is not possible. We carry with us that flag even if we do not have it on our cars, or clothes, it stays deep within our hearts and waves just as bravely as the day it flew at it very first battle. We look at those huge flags in admiration not at the expense of the flag but in the sheer determination it took our forefathers to secure our freedom to fly that flag. American’s know what is at stake here and our guns are loaded and ready for any fight, so no I’m not ready to give up yet.

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