October Surprises

By: Bob Parks

The mainstream media must firmly believe if you tell someone a story enough times, whether it be true or not, people will start to accept that story as fact. With that, all their efforts spell a Democrat blowout of Republicans next month. Some consider that prediction as absurd as Cindy Sheehan being nominated for a Nobel Peace prize.

Reality is another thing….

The Democrat Strategy For Victory

Contrary to popular belief, this next election is not about issues like the economy, national security, or gasoline prices that have been dramatically dropping. The sole strategy of the Democrats is to so bum out Republicans that they’ll stay home on Election Day.

People like John Kerry see the whole Mark Foley thing as a way to piss of the Christian right. While liberals are freaking out because conservatives believe Democrat “operatives” were shopping the whole page email controversy for months, it’s almost obvious to all that if not for plummeting gas prices and soaring stock market, the Foley scandal would have been held to within days of next month’s election.

At a recent New Hampshire fundraiser, Kerry said, “They tell us the Congressional Page scandal is a Democratic plot to win the mid term elections. That is a lie. This issue is here because of a Republican cover-up. And those from the Party that preaches moral values that covered this up, have no right to preach moral values any more.”

“The public isn’t stupid enough to buy the argument that Democrats caused this whole thing. Only the GOP’s idiotic fundamentalist base may buy it, but they’ve already drowned their souls in the Kool-Aid a long time ago. Sink, fuckers, sink.”

The Daily Kos, posted by PsiFighter37, Sun Oct 08, 2006

Gimme a break.

If the same thing happened to a Democrat congressman, around the same time before an election, PsiFighter37 would be screaming the same thing Republicans are contending now.

I must humbly remind PsiFighter37 that Bill Clinton wagged his finger at the nation and denied having sex with Monica. Mrs. Clinton, wearing her pretty-in-pink, blamed the whole scandal on a “vast, right-wing conspiracy.” Seven months and $70 million later, Clinton fessed up because he was about to be busted by his DNA found on Monica’s blue dress.

Sometimes conspiracy theories have a basis in fact. Believe it… or not.

On a side note, Democrats have placed a scarlet letter on gay Republicans. To illustrate the hypocrisy, imagine the liberal squeal if Republicans outted gay liberals. The Democrat strategy misfired when Mark Foley resigned instead of doing what a liberal would have done: defy common decency and remain in office, rejecting the notion that any wrong was done. In other words, lie.

Seeing how the liberal base is flaky at best when it comes to showing up at a ballot booth, the only way Democrats can win is if Republicans stay home. Do these liberals really believe that conservatives will stay home because THEY say so? Yes.

Who’s sinking now?

Madonna And Child

Despite rumors to the contrary, I am not rich. Nowhere near rich, therefore I don’t know what it’s like to be able to buy whatever I want and still be able to pay the bills twenty-plus years from now. But when you have the ability to purchase whatever you want, when do you have everything you want?

Madonna has tons of money, but not all the money in the world. She can’t buy an aircraft carrier, but she can buy… a human being.

In what can only be described as a scene reminiscent of the slave auction in “Roots”, 12 previously screened African boys were lined up so The Material Mom could take her pick of the litter. The choice: one-year-old David. However, he doesn’t meet the usual bleeding heart recipient of liberal pity standard.

David is black, but David isn’t a crack baby. David doesn’t have AIDS, and David isn’t even an orphan.

According to Andrea Peyser of the New York Post, David’s “got a biological father, plus a granny – but was placed in an orphanage after his mother died. His family loves him. They just can’t afford him. The boy’s father says he is thrilled at the prospect of a wealthy American carting off his progeny.”

Under Malawi custom and law, foreigners can’t adopt their children. But when you have Madonna’s money and ego, palms can, will, and have been greased.

Madonna had an “orphan center” built and the kids there will be taught “a curriculum based on her new pet religion, Kabbala. In exchange for her human package, she will pour $3 million into the center to help 1,000 Malawi orphans.”

A few years ago, in one of my very first columns, I wrote that liberals consider black people their “pets.” In this case, Madonna selected and bought a child in a way similar to how many of us buy a puppy. Because of the subsequent protestations of human rights and orphan advocacy groups, the “sale” was temporarily halted, but the point is this: human beings should not be accessories for Hollywood egomaniacs.

This is another case of Hollywood blaxploitation, this time overseas. Let’s hope the Malawi government doesn’t cave and allow this spoiled brat, has-been entertainer to make a true mockery of human rights, just so she one-up her Hollywood colleagues with a real boy-toy.

You’ve Been “Tubed”

Like we didn’t see this coming….

Hollywood satire master David Zucker, who gave us the Airplane, Naked Gun, and Scary Movie franchises, created not only a new political ad, but also several firestorms. The ad, which reportedly horrified Republican officials, was temporarily yanked off the popular YouTube site.

Heaven forbid anyone creates a campaign ad that ridicules Madeleine Albright and the Clinton Administration’s being suckered by Kim Jong Il. I wonder how easily I can find a few “Bush is Hitler” video posts on YouTube…?

YouTube’s selective censorship is very similar to Google’s ability to make alternative opinions go away.

Google recently bought YouTube. Timing is everything.

Depending on what I write, I’m frequently Googled. Frank Salvato’s site, The New Media Journal, has been banned from the Google search engine because he features columns that, from time to time, has harsh words for Islamofacists.

“Anything that Google touches is suspect these days. With their banning of entire websites for comments made by qualified individuals on the dangers of radical Islam, it is clear they have instituted a political agenda, trumping their claim that their search engine results are based solely on algorithm and untouched by human hands. The proof of their agenda lies in that the KKK and the American Nazi Party’s websites are still in their search engine index where commentary websites that offer
opinion contrary to theirs are not.

“As for YouTube, an idea that was once pure in intentions has now – obviously – been hijacked by the politically correct and the Progressive-Left. Where the politically correct tend to forcefully object to anything they deem offensive, the Progressive-Left has taken to silencing dissent, not unlike the “progressive” intellectual Neanderthals at Columbia University who recently terminated Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist’s First Amendment rights by storming the stage and then fallaciously
accusing the victims of aggression.”

Frank Salvato, editor, New Media Journal

I’ve also had a segment from my television show yanked from YouTube. I thought it important that the American people see the “Religion of Peace” in action. The segment’s introduction was followed by the video beheading of American construction worker Jack Hensley by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and company.

While YouTube “broadcasts” video posts by users that includes nudity, profanity, and a plethora of juvenile activity, I can understand their not wanting their viewers to witness real evil.

After a significant stink, Zucker’s video can now be seen again on YouTube, but the jig is up.

“Google has already shown it is willing to censor the Internet for political expediency. Now that they are on that slippery slope, it’s only a matter of time before they become a virtual tool of the liberal/left who impose their will upon Google and its affiliates such as YouTube by threatening regulatory punishment as they did with ABC over their 9/11 miniseries. Don’t expect conservative lawmakers to be so bold or be allowed to do so by the media.”

David Almasi, Executive Director, National Center for Public Policy Research

And liberals assert that conservatives need to read “1984”….

Get A Brain, Okay…?

On January 31st of this year I wrote one of these potpourri pieces entitled “Got Brains?” Soon thereafter, a woman who worked for a company that sold novelty items using the “brain” theme contacted me. Coincidentally, the company’s name was “Got Brains?”

So you can imagine my dismay when I got the following email from their licensing wing Saturday night…

You were contacted on February 21st and August 3rd, 2006 to cease and desist the usage of Neuro-Mart’s got brains?® trade mark in your media story posted 2/1/2006. Subsequent to the first emails sent, we have found yet another location of the story at the following URL:




Your failure to comply with the requests, the most recent was to remove the media by August 24, 2006, has generated legal documents that will be sent to yourself, new media journal, and black and right, via certified mail within the next 72 hours. The following fines will be incurred by yourself, new media journal and black and right DAILY until the infringement is removed:

Legal fees – $500
Infringement fine – $1,000
Documentation processing fees – $250

Licensing Department

Columnist AM Siriano commented, “Wow, Bob, this is insane — suppose they would have threatened you if your article had been liberal?”

Who knows? Anyway, I contacted this licensing department, told them of my conversation with the lady at Got Brains? and thought the issue was over. I also sent another email to all the sites that carry this column, asked them again to check their archives, and change the name of that column to “Got A Brain?”

“Holy smokes. What’s the matter with these people? And how does using any phrase in an op-ed place you in a copyright infringement situation?”

Sher Zieve, columnist

Beats the hell out of me.

“And they are copying the milk people. Rich!”

David Almasi

So I ask you all this: please go to the Neuro-Mart website, buy something, and maybe send them a courteous email explaining why. They do have some items that are relatively cheap, but let’s show them that being accidentally associated with a conservative column isn’t a bad thing. In fact, if they handled it properly, they could make a buck or two.

Make-work lawyers… sheesh.

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, and VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc.

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