Don’t Deport Them, Tax Them

By: Carolyn Hileman

OK, we have been told that we can’t deport that many illegal immigrants, we have also been told they only do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do so. If that is the case then from what I can see we have no other option than to tax them simply because most Americans do not want to pay taxes and if we are going to allow them to stay because we can’t make them go then we can tax everything they do. $45BILLION sent back home how about a really nice tax on that one, since we all know they are the only ones who clean and mow lawns I say we put a tax on cleaning supplies, although if you are an American you can show ID and not have to pay that tax.

Since we Americans can’t mow our lawns, landscaping supplies should have the same tax levied on them as well, as for the farmers and others who hire illegal immigrants there should be a luxury tax imposed, a nice healthy one at that. Since these people have an unfair advantage over the other companies I think it only fair that they pay for that luxury, companies who do not and have not hired illegal immigrants should be given hefty tax breaks for hiring Americans. We have tried making laws and one by one they are being challenged in court to the point they are becoming almost useless, but if there is one thing our leaders can do and do effectively it is impose taxes.

Think about it the democrats will be all over this simply because it is something they know how to do, we may have a problem with the tax credits for hiring Americans but that is where the republicans step in since their mantra is tax cuts so this plan has a little something for everyone, as for the schools I would say they lose tax dollars for every child they have enrolled who they cannot prove live in their school district. We also need to set up rewards for people who turn in those companies who hire illegal immigrants to the IRS, we all know the IRS always get their man. This has been a long hard fight, and one I suspect that has only begun, but I think if we start thinking outside of the box we might just be able to bust out of the one we are in. Don’t deport them, tax them….

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