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October 24, 2006

Conservatives Who Won’t Vote GOP Deserve Lost Influence!

Many of us are quite mad at the GOP today. And we are 100% right to be mad. Republicans today have become worse spenders than the Democrats, seem to have walked away from the Conservative principle of smaller government, and …

America Must be Willing to use its Military Might

War is many things. It is ugly, it is obscene, it is horrific, and terrible. At the same time, it is sometimes very necessary, and in certain cases, fighting a just war is far more humane than choosing the route …

The Paradox of Liberty

Liberal educators accord to John Stuart Mill’s essay “On Liberty” the status of holy scripture. Mill’s particular version of liberty, essentially that of the ACLU, is a prescription for anarchy degenerating into tyranny.

Ending the US-Mexico War

Filed under: Immigration - 24 Oct 2006

Despite the fact that politicians in America and Mexico will not admit it, the two North American neighbor nations are engaged in war.