Ending the US-Mexico War

By: John Lillpop

Despite the fact that politicians in America and Mexico will not admit it, the two North American neighbor nations are engaged in war.

Mexico is the aggressor as it continues to attack the U.S.by sending millions of illiterate Mexican peasants across the border into U.S. territory.

This invasion has a devastating impact on homeland security, economic stability and the preservation of superior Anglican
culture and language.

Conversely, applying the theory of ‘addition by subtraction,’ Mexico is actually strengthened when its more needy and less productive unwashed masses migrate illegally to America.

Because of complex eco-political realities(bribes and fraud), much of America’s elected elite has been unwilling to acknowledge the war and to take steps to protect American interests.

Even our Republican president has been co-opted by sinister forces, and has little or no interest in asserting American sovereignty and independence.

Mr. Bush even dismisses the hot bottom topic of ‘terrorism’ in deference to accommodating an uninterrupted supply of cheap, docile labor from Mexico.

What is the solution, then, to ending this undeclared war, before it spills over into actual violence?

One solution might be to essentially grant-deed one of the 50 US States to Mexico, and designate that state as the ‘Illegal Alien” state for Hispanic invaders.

The new state would officially be a part of Mexico, thereby partially assuaging Aztlan activists dedicated to the “Reconquesta” of the American south west.

But which state should the US sacrifice in order to make peace with Mexico?

Clearly the state so designated should be as much like Mexico as possible in order to fashion a seamless transition. Using that criteria, officials would be looking for a US state with thefollowing characteristics:

-History of very poor educational & academic achievements

-High incidence of illiteracy, grade school drop outs

-Very limited opportunities for higher education

-Economy based on low technology, agriculture

-Massive poverty: Average income less than $5,000 per household

-Poor social integration–Racial, economic unrest

-Little or no cultural sophistication

Using these benchmarks, the state of Oklahoma would appear a perfect match for designation as the ‘Illegal Alien’ state.

Moving 20 million illegal aliens into Oklahoma would have other benefits: The media IQ and literacy scores for Oklahoma would immediately rise, inspiring new and creative sources of capital for social and economic development.

The only remaining significant issue: How do you say Okie in Spanish?

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