Why I Plan To Vote This November

By: Carolyn Hileman

I have heard and read many times of people who say they are not going to vote this November just to show the politicians a lesson; lesson or not I plan to vote. You see if I don’t vote I am effectively giving my vote to the illegal immigrants, I am saying I really don’t care they can come in here and have it all simply because they already own the government. But that is simply not true, our government is run by WE the people unless we give it to Them the illegal immigrants. Every uncounted vote of an American is essentially a counted vote for illegal immigration.

There are many fine candidates out there who are fighting just as hard as you and I and to turn your back on them at this crucial point will assure us that not one candidate will ever take a stand on this again. Jeff Sessions, TOM TANCREDO, Randy Graf , John Gard, Michele Bachmann , Doug Lamborn , Ray Meier , John Hostettler , Geoff Davis , Mike Sodrel , Vernon Robinson , John Kanno, Rick Perry and others have seen the writing on the wall and have taken steps to stop or at least slow the flow of illegal immigrants into America, and to abandon them now when they need us the most is telling them sorry but I really didn’t care I just wanted to see you jump.

Most of you know just how angry this issue gets me, and yes I have thought of just staying home, but I cannot do that because if I do I am forfeiting my right to have someone in office who must listen to me. I like you watched the senate debate and I like you was sick to my stomach listening to them debate what was right for the illegal immigrants, not the Americans. I also saw Jeff sessions stand up and speak for the American people and found just a little hope in what seemed like the beginning of Amexico. I for one when it comes time to vote for president if the republicans do not have a decent candidate running will write in Jeff Sessions.

But I will not turn my back on my responsibility or my freedom to vote, I will not let the other side have that to celebrate. We got our self into this mess simply because when they marched the American people sat at home and did nothing and they assumed we didn’t care. Our inaction has cost us a lot already and if we do not go out in mass numbers and vote for the anti illegal immigrant candidates then they will know for a fact we don’t care and nothing will ever be done. We must swarm the voter’s booths and we must vote for those candidates’ who reflect our values, because if we stay home this time, those marches will become yearly parades and we will be a sponsor.

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