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October 28, 2006

Is Muslim Veil Issue Western Intolerance?

In another example of Western societal immolation, the University of Toronto is allowing a professor to teach his class that westerners who stand against the use of the veil by Muslim women living in western societies are but intolerant, bigots …

Egyptians Imprisoned in US for Enslaving 10 Year Old

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Two Egyptian nationals who enslaved a 10-year-old girl and forced her to work as a domestic “slave” at their Orange County residence will serve some time in federal prison.

Scaring the Wits out of Women

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Halloween decorations made an early appearance this year. In September my local grocery store put up its wicked witch holding a rubber pitchfork. Cobwebs soon began to sprout like silvery hobgoblins, and scary Jack-O’-Lanterns now adorn front porches.

Let’s Call It What It Is

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Many years ago there was a war called the Civil war it was not contrary to public belief to end slavery but it ended up doing just that, or did it? What exactly do you call it when farmers hire …

Debunking Myths about San Francisco

In the interest of debunking outrageous myths and exaggerations concerning liberalism in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is essential to disclose certain facts: