Let’s Call It What It Is

By: Carolyn Hileman

Many years ago there was a war called the Civil war it was not contrary to public belief to end slavery but it ended up doing just that, or did it? What exactly do you call it when farmers hire people who come across the border illegally to work for substandard wages, do not provide medical care, clean housing or even education? I do believe back in the Civil war era it was called slavery, now days it is called getting by. We are told repeatedly that these people only take the jobs that Americans do not want, and some of that may be true since most Americans could not live on sub standard wages, they are not willing to live in card board boxes like the homeless on outside of the farms and they are not willing to work in a place where they will not provide necessities such as clean water and toilets.

If you look back in time you will note that even the excuses for slavery remain essentially the same, they can’t find an American to do the work, they would have to raise prices, and the crops will rot on the vine if we don’t keep that labor force. It would appear we really have not changed in all this time and that the anti slavery law is just as ineffective as any of the anti illegal immigration laws. A lot of these people are brought over here by the truckload to work in the farms and fields, never having been given the first medical examination to test for any diseases, and they are placed on these farms that have no toilet facilities, no clean running water and they pick the fruits and vegetables for these farmers all day long and go to sleep in makeshift tents and boxes at night.

Somehow I suppose the farmers and others who do this have justified it by saying that they are being paid, but that brings up a whole other question of exactly how much are they getting paid if they do not have enough money to have a house, buy food, and go to the doctor? There are some who I am sure that pay their people better, but there were always slaves who were treated better by some masters than others. Think of Uncle Tom or some of those who were even allowed to sleep in the master’s home, it didn’t make them any less of a slave, it just made them a well provided for slave. So let’s just call it what it is shall we, it is slavery pure and simple. The master’s of old did not want their slaves to get an education, the master’s of today do not want their slaves to become legal citizens because if they do they to will not be willing to work for slave wages.

It is however interesting that the people of the South this time are the ones rising up against slavery, since it was the people of the South the last time who rose up against the North because they did not like being told what to do. Maybe it is because the Southerners look at this an know exactly what it is and want no part of it this time, but this time it is the South screaming for it to stop and the North saying it is not really a problem. A lot of people have predicted that this will be our next civil war, and I sometimes have to wonder about that myself. But if it is, it will be about the same thing under a different name, so let’s call it what it is.

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