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October 30, 2006

US Intelligence Agencies Still Working to Get It Right

The United States’ intelligence community is undergoing the most extensive — perhaps even radical — transformations since the Office of Strategic Services gave way to the Central Intelligence Agency. Recognizing that people are the critical element in transformation initiatives is …

Photo I.D. and an I.Q. Test

There’s been a lot of pre-election talk about Republican voters who are discontent. How many of them there are depends on what poll is used to prop up any given “pundit’s” perspective. Whatever their numbers, whatever the poll, the connection …

Muslim Mutilation of Little Girl In Atlanta, Georgia

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 30 Oct 2006

If you are one who is squeamish, do not read this story of this common Muslim practice of the mutilation of a little girl’s private parts. However, if you want to learn of yet one more barbaric Muslim practice, read …

Are You Mindless Enough to Be a Liberal?

With Republican approval ratings in crash-landing mode, distraught conservatives are anxiously searching for answers. What are the options? One can either move to Australia or commit suicide. Some really desperate folks are even thinking of becoming liberals!