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October 28, 2006

Egyptians Imprisoned in US for Enslaving 10 Year Old

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Two Egyptian nationals who enslaved a 10-year-old girl and forced her to work as a domestic “slave” at their Orange County residence will serve some time in federal prison.

Scaring the Wits out of Women

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 28 Oct 2006

Halloween decorations made an early appearance this year. In September my local grocery store put up its wicked witch holding a rubber pitchfork. Cobwebs soon began to sprout like silvery hobgoblins, and scary Jack-O’-Lanterns now adorn front porches.

Let’s Call It What It Is

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Many years ago there was a war called the Civil war it was not contrary to public belief to end slavery but it ended up doing just that, or did it? What exactly do you call it when farmers hire …

Debunking Myths about San Francisco

In the interest of debunking outrageous myths and exaggerations concerning liberalism in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is essential to disclose certain facts:

October 27, 2006

If Santorum Is “Conservative” We’re In Trouble

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 27 Oct 2006

In a world where icons and pundits of the modern conservative movement rail against any conservative that would dare think for one second to criticize candidates who have an “R” next to their names because of the fear of liberals …

Liberal Negativism

Liberals see the natural world as flawed and presume hubristically to restructure nature to fit their artificial, intellectual blueprint for perfection. In contrast, religious Jews and Christians are instructed to take joy in God’s marvelously created cosmos, to recognize that …

Illegal Immigration: The Invasion Continues

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,Immigration - 27 Oct 2006

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, founder of La Raza, has proudly said: “We have an aging white America…. They are dying…. They are ******** in their pants with fear! I love it!” He then demands: “We have got to eliminate …

Iraq and Afghanistan: Staying Until the Fight is Over

The Armed Forces Press Service recently quoted Army Chief of Staff General Peter J. Schoomaker as saying that the current level of soldiers in Iraq could remain constant through 2010. Naturally, this sounded alarms in the mainstream media, which had …

San Francisco All Agog Over Obama

Filed under: Politics In General,Uncategorized - 27 Oct 2006

Barak Obama visited the San Francisco Bay Area on Wednesday to promote his new book, and to do a ‘dry run’ for his expected run for the White House in 2008.

October 26, 2006

Star Struck by Michael J. Fox

Filed under: Politics In General - 26 Oct 2006

The AP appears to be star struck by Michael J. Fox with the debut of his campaign ad for Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill and several other Dems this week. So star struck that the AP has pronounced him a great …

Hillary stuck between Barack and a hard place

Filed under: The Democrats - 26 Oct 2006

Mrs. Clinton is not a sympathetic figure. Although there may still be a residue of public empathy because of her husband’s bad behavior, many people view her as an enabler, aware of his philandering from the start. As …

The Canadian Connection: Feds, NYPD Takedown Chinese Drug Gang

Filed under: Crime and Punishment - 26 Oct 2006

Nineteen suspected Chinese drug gang members were arrested in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and one defendant was arrested in Canada. To date, law enforcement officers have seized more than 50,000 Ecstasy pills worth more than $1 million, over $100,000 …

Why I Plan To Vote This November

Filed under: Immigration - 26 Oct 2006

I have heard and read many times of people who say they are not going to vote this November just to show the politicians a lesson; lesson or not I plan to vote. You see if I don’t vote I …

The Terror Vote

Filed under: Politics In General,The Democrats - 26 Oct 2006

So Nancy Pelosi says the Democrat Party will not seek impeachment proceedings against President Bush IF the Democrats take control of the House and Senate. Coming from a Democrat, that’s a big IF. Remember, Democrats seldom tell the electorate …

Can America Survive a Pelosi Political Plundering?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has embarked on an ambitious agenda for “Cleaning the U.S. House” once she assumes control. There is, of course, the unfinished business of the November 7 elections to consider, but Congresswoman Pelosi regards the election itself …

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