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November 1, 2006

It’s Time to Make a Deal with Osama bin Laden!

Filed under: War On Terror - 01 Nov 2006

Owing to the fact that far too much blood is being shed in the war on terror, I say it is time to make a deal with Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Let’s work to end the hostilities and …

“We’re Looking for a Few Useful Idiots”

Some years back, certain recruitment advertising for the U.S. Marine Corps carried the slogan: “We’re Looking for a Few Good Men.” I’m thinking that the above title ought to be the slogan for the secular Left. Here’s why:

US Government Agencies Play Catch Up with Cyber Security

Research and development of cyber security technology is essential to creating a broader range of choices and more robust tools for building secure, networked computer systems in the federal government and in the private sector. As quickly as US government …

Silent Majority’s October Surprise?

Filed under: Immigration - 01 Nov 2006

Los Angeles – Ever since founding The Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist has been traveling across America, interviewing politicians and talking to Americans who are fed up with lax border security. In the last election, the Vietnam Veteran and retired CPA, …