Silent Majority’s October Surprise?

By: Minuteman Media

1 November 2006

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Candidates who favor border security will win, says Minuteman Project founder

Los Angeles – Ever since founding The Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist has been traveling across America, interviewing politicians and talking to Americans who are fed up with lax border security. In the last election, the Vietnam Veteran and retired CPA, running as an Independent in Orange County, CA, polled over twenty-six percent – way ahead of the single-digit numbers which most independent candidates are able to achieve. He credits that performance to the strong support he gets from voters who agree with his message that America is being overrun by an invasion of illegals.

Since then, increasing numbers of Americans in every state are being alerted by Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project and his book with Dr. Jerome Corsi, “Minutemen – The Battle To Secure America’s Borders,” and Gilchrist and his volunteers have worked with candidates such as Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), whose Immigration Caucus has grown from a small handful to over 100 members in the House, and Rep. Steve King (R-IA), whose design for a border wall was recently approved by Congress.

“The growth of the Immigration Caucus closely follows the mood of the public,” said Gilchrist. “Every state, nearly every town, has seen an explosion of illegals in their communities. Crime is up, low-skill wages are down, and America is being invaded by tens of millions of illegal aliens who care nothing about our culture or our laws. Americans are not blind, and I believe that on Nov 7, they will show up at the polls in much greater numbers than is being predicted.”

Gilchrist’s prediction is echoed by Minuteman Project volunteers, who are actively helping candidates like Randy Graf (R-AZ) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA). Judging by the response to the Minuteman Project, with volunteers on the borders and in every state, the nation’s new Minutemen may possibly be one of the largest unpaid lobbying and activist groups in the nation. And if Gilchrist’s prediction holds true, any candidate who has not proved to be a staunch defender of border security could find an unpleasant October surprise at the ballot boxes.

“We aren’t taking anything for granted,” added Gilchrist. “We know the American people agree with us, by a large majority, a super-majority, but we are continuing to work with pro-security candidates to get our message out. If Americans who care about border security don’t get out to vote this election, we can kiss the United States Constitution goodbye – but I believe we will see a great turnout, and it will be because no true American wants to lose his country for lack of border security.”

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