Ordinary Americans

By: Carolyn Hileman

Groceries would not be delivered to the stores, mail would be stopped, electrical lines would not be put up or replaced, sewage would not be cleaned, trash would pile up, food would not be served and rooms would not be cleaned if not for the ordinary American. Phone calls could not be placed, internet connections would go down, children would not be educated, cars would not run, building would not be built, streets would not be cleaned and bridges would not be built if not for the ordinary Americans.

Paper would not exist, homes would go un built, drinks would remain at the bar, stores would not be stocked, crime would run rampant, sickness go un cured, temperatures would not be taken and vital signs would be ignored as well if not for the ordinary American. Trains would sit idle, subways gather dust, ships would halt and wars would never be fought if not for the ordinary American…

The ordinary American is just a piece in a rather large puzzle without whom you cannot make any of the other pieces fit, they are the cog in the gears that run this great country called America and they are the reason she is. They do not toil for fame and glory, they toil to earn a living never knowing what their seemingly small contribution means to the rest of the country. But without their contribution our country would come to a screeching halt. The baker who kneads the bread has no idea how many people that one loaf of bread will affect, but if he were to suddenly stop working, there would be no way to feed the many.

Ordinary Americans have always risen to the challenge and furthered this great country, they did so not by words but by actions and they did so without expectation of greatness. It was and still is the ordinary people who make this great country run, that furthers her productivity, and keeps her safe. It has always been the ordinary Americans who have taken on the thankless job of protecting our great shores, the men and women who left their ordinary homes to do an extraordinary thing, protect the other ordinary Americans waiting back home.

It is the workers not the politicians who decide whether America stands; it is the soldier not the senator who gets the blood on his hands. It is the mother not the newswoman who teaches her children values; it is the construction worker who builds the building not the finance committee. It is the teacher who teaches a child to read not some bill passed by people who just want to say they did something. It is the nurse who cools the fevered brow not the hospital that makes a person well. It is the farmer, truck driver, the gas station attendant, and the stocker who make sure that we have food to buy and this great country would be without food if it were not for every single one of them.

These are not the type of people we honor, they are not the ones who get all the praise, they are not the people we would want to be like, they have no star status, and they will never sign a multi million dollar contract. They are not the people we vote into office, they are simple people who have never had either the opportunity or the inclination to be one of the elite, they are people content to do their small part to make America work and they are the ones to be applauded, they deserve your praise, they deserve to be our idles because they are the heart and soul of America and they are you.

You may not believe that what you do every single day is important, but if you did not do it, I dare say it would not get done. You will never see the high and mighty stoop so low as to do your job, but you do it every single day and you do it to the best of your ability and you deserve the credit. Because if it were not for you those mouth pieces we put in office would have to actually work, be proud of who you are of what you do because you are one of the many threads that holds this country together, you are a thread in that flag you hold so dear. You may never hold a big office, you may never get that big contract, you may spend the rest of your life working at the same job but you are one of the greatest Americans because this country would never be as great as it is if not for the ordinary Americans.

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