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By: Carolyn Hileman

There is not going to be any fancy writing skills coming to bear here, I am not going to attempt to sugar coat the issue because I really believe it is time for a little straight talk. Here are the facts, if you want mass amnesty you be sure to either not vote or vote democrat. Let me tell you what is going to happen if the democrats’ get control, they will kill the fence, they will enact Kennedy and McCain’s bill and they will not care how many people email them or call them and do you want to know why? It is very simple if theses people get amnesty they will be able to vote in the 2008 elections and our vote will no longer matter so why on earth should they listen to us.

This election is not just about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants it is not just about Iraq, it is not just about who is ore corrupt than the other this election is about keeping our votes American. The democrats were out in the streets with those people marching and handing out flyers and do you want to know why? Because they know that if they can get them amnesty they will get their vote and if they get their vote, then they don’t need ours and we have just surrendered to Mexico without firing a shot. Those of you who are not going to vote because you want to teach them a lesson, you are about to be taught a lesson none of us want to learn, those of you who are pissed off because your senator or congressman did not vote on illegal immigration the way you wanted and are planning to vote democrat just to show them might as well be holding a gun to the rest of America’s heads.

To hell with your petty partisan differences this election is way to important to play those stupid games because if we do not stop the democrats and their plan to take back America and give it to Mexico we are going to be in big trouble. If the democrats win and they enact amnesty who do you really believe they are going to be listening to? It is not going to be you….

If you can’t or won’t go to a rally, if you can’t or won’t email or call your representatives at the very least vote and vote to keep America’s vote AMERICAN

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