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November 5, 2006

The Lull Before That October Surprise

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Something just ain’t right. It’s late October during an off-year election. Where’s the old DWI report or some document supposedly created with a Smith Corona? Is al Qaeda waiting until next Monday afternoon?

Happy Indian Summer From Frisco!

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Those of us who live in California have grown accustomed to a unique weather phenomenon that occurs each year as the traditional summer season winds down.

Feds Charge 55 Suspects in Major Human Smuggling Network

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Federal and local law enforcement officers fanned out across southern Arizona and several other states searching for more than 50 people allegedly linked to a far-reaching human smuggling organization that brought large numbers of illegal aliens into the United States …

Was the Vote for Iraq War ‘Right’?

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In another grand example of “journalistic” integrity, USA Today has declared the Iraq war a total failure even as we are still in the middle of it all. With that “truth” reported, I’d like to have their crystal ball to …

Mainstream Media and Democrats: Terrorists New Best Friends

It’s difficult to believe that the American Left could hunker down even further, under the saturated-with-innocent-blood covers, with terrorists who have unequivocally announced their intentions to destroy us. But, it has. Recently, The Factor’s Bill O’Reilly asked leftist celebs Rosie …

Healthy Bodies Equal Healthy Minds

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In 2004, the “Child Nutrition and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Reauthorization Act” was passed to “address the growing obesity epidemic and promote healthy eating and physical activity through changes in school environments.”1 Although schools are locally controlled, any LEA, …