When Johnny comes marching home again

By: Carolyn Hileman

When Johnny comes marching home again in defeat congratulations your not voting bought his ticket home. When terrorists are marching in our streets along with the illegal immigrants pat yourself on the back for not voting because you made this day a reality. When your daughter comes home in tears because they can no longer say under God in the pledge, be sure and give yourself credit, when they call you from a strange doctor’s office telling you that they are sorry but your daughter died during an abortion don’t be surprised since you didn’t vote they all thought that this is what you wanted.

A lot of you people did not vote yesterday because you were pissed off and you were going to teach people a lesson, well you did it and my how proud you must feel to tell the soldiers that what John Kerry said is true. Well now the rest of us are pissed off at you, and for good reason, you have just made everything we have been fighting for a little more difficult, you have just given the cut and run democrats a mandate to bring our soldiers home in defeat and to insure yet another brutal attack on our soil. And let me tell you something if you did not vote the next 2996 people who die at the hands of the terrorist, their blood is on your hands we hope you will be just as proud of that as well.

The word angry does not justify what I am feeling right now, disgusted does not even begin to cover it, you bit your noses off to spite your face and shot America in the foot while you were at it and I am not sure there are many of us who will ever forgive you. You refused to go to any of the rallies against illegal immigration in favor of handing over our country to them, not once did you think of what your actions might mean to this fight or those fighting and now you have done it, you taught them a lesson. Now you are about to be taught a lesson you will learn to hate, if it only effected you I would say good, but it doesn’t, it effects me, it effects your neighbor who went out and voted, it effects your children who never had a say but counted on you to do what was right, did you?

So enjoy your short lived glory, you taught us all a lesson, you taught us that when it comes to a real fight for your country you are going to not only not fight you are going to join their side. You have taught us all that if one person does not do your bidding you will chop off the heads of everyone in the group just to teach them a lesson. You have won and you should be proud to say so, you should shout it from the roof tops, you should scream it in the valley and you should be the ones to greet our great warriors’ when Johnny comes marching home again defeated.

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