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November 10, 2006

America In The Wilderness

Filed under: American Government,History - 10 Nov 2006

America voted for change. That was the resounding theme from Democrats this week after they seized control of both the House and Senate from a Republican Party that had embraced the philosophy of “compassionate conservatism” which is nothing more …

Meet the New Chairman of the Judiciary Committee: Sen. Leaky Leahy

Filed under: American National Security,The Democrats - 10 Nov 2006

Recently, Toronto Sun columnist Rachel Marsden wrote about the expected Democrat takeover of both houses of the US Congress. She compared voting out the Republicans and voting in the Democrats with firing your babysitter and hiring Michael Jackson.

We Will Win

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Nov 2006

OK, we have licked our wounds, we have cried in our cereal, we have kicked and we have screamed; now it is time to get back to work… We have two years my friends to turn this bus around before …

Democrat Majority Will Push Bush Amnesty

Filed under: Immigration - 10 Nov 2006

Why did President George W. Bush wait until after the mid-term elections to replace Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld? Why was there virtually no support from the White House for Republican candidates like Randy Graf (CO) and J.D. Hayworth (AZ)?

Did Liberalism Die With 2006 Midterms?

Is liberalism dead? Well, not entirely, but it certainly is on life support since Democrats have learned that to win they have to at least appear conservative as the 2006 election cycle increasingly showed.

A Divided Nation Without God

We are no longer “One nation under God.” The destructive blows of liberal-progressivism since the 1930s have increasingly left us a disunited, spineless rabble.