Democrat Majority Will Push Bush Amnesty

By: Minuteman Media

9 November 2006

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Did the President sandbag the GOP?

Los Angeles, CA – Why did President George W. Bush wait until after the mid-term elections to replace Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld? Why was there virtually no support from the White House for Republican candidates like Randy Graf (CO) and J.D. Hayworth (AZ)?

Most pundits agree that if Rumsfeld was to be replaced, it would have been much better for Republicans had the announcement been made before the elections. And with the razor-thin losses of key Republican candidates to supposedly “conservative” Democrats, it seems clear that a little more money or other support from the President or national GOP headquarters might have kept the House and Senate from turning over to Democrat control.

“Here you have conservative candidates and some incumbents who were solidly in favor of protecting our borders – a position with which the overwhelming American majority agrees,” commented Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist. “Bush has been unable to pass his amnesty program through the GOP-controlled Congress, but he won’t give up, so why wouldn’t he welcome a more compliant Democrat-led pro-illegal alien Congress, where he wouldn’t have effective opposition from his own party?”

Today’s speech by the President tends to confirm Gilchrist’s ruminations. When asked about the prospect of the Democrats cooperating with his amnesty proposals, Bush seemed almost delighted with the change of House leadership. Americans who question the open borders policies of this and previous administrations will have plenty to worry about in the coming months, if Gilchrist’s analysis proves accurate.

“This is a devastating blow to the security of the country,” said Gilchrist. “Every American is at greater risk than before the elections. Illegal aliens and terrorists are celebrating today, but our mission remains clear: we shall continue our surveillance and reporting operations in a continuing effort to inform and mobilize Americans to demand better border security.”

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