We Will Win

By: Carolyn Hileman

OK, we have licked our wounds, we have cried in our cereal, we have kicked and we have screamed; now it is time to get back to work… We have two years my friends to turn this bus around before it crashes completely. First thing we must do is let our republican leaders know that just looking at McCain makes us want to throw up and if they do not stop putting him up as the face of the republican party we will lose 08’. We need to get on the phones and emails and tell them we warned you that this issue would bring us down, they need a reminder.

We have the media and the democrats all yelling that this is about Iraq and we need to let them know that they are WRONG. We need to let the democrats’ know that they got where they are simply because of the frustration behind the illegal immigration issue. They need to know that the ONLY reason they won was because some of our people thought this would teach the republicans a lesson, they need to know that we have not given up and that we are going to be in their dreams at night. We are going to watch their every move and we are going to take a page from their playbook, remind them they taught us how to treat elected officials and we learned really well…

We know for instance that if they say anything at all we do not like we need to take to the streets and protest them until they retire. We know that we should be watching their every move and call for investigations over everything. We know that we need to question where they got every penny of their campaign money, who they talk to, who they get advice from and how much did these people contribute to their campaign? We are not dead we are just badly beaten and if we do not get it together really quick we will be on life support, so blow your nose, wipe your eyes and get ready for a fight.

We are not cut from the cut and run cloth, it is not in our vocabulary and we will never quit simply because we know that there is way too much at stake. For those of you who did not vote or voted democrat, thinking your one vote wouldn’t hurt anyone maybe just make them have to work for it, face the fact that you were wrong and join us to fight this battle to 2008. I honestly do not believe any of you really meant to put the democrats in charge, but it has happened and now we must keep going.

We are the party of less government, less abortions and less illegal immigrants, we are the party who stands firmly behind our troops and we are the party that believes the individual is better suited to run his own life and if this is not what you believe you might want to stick to that democrat vote because we republicans refuse to allow the government to own us. We know for whom these people work and we are not afraid to tell them, we do not know the word defeat, we understand temporary setback but utter defeat is not an option. We will prevail, we will fight back and we will win.

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