Taking Back Our Party

By: Carolyn Hileman

There are a lot of people out there who have mentioned to me that we need to abandon the republican party because they don’t deserve us, while that statement may be true in some respects might I ask what it is you have done to keep the party the party of the people? Now I know there are a lot of us who have worked tirelessly to bring this party back in line and I applaud your efforts but our job is no where near over and giving up is not an option. I am also aware that there are those whose only act of dealing with the party is voting or not voting and it is time for that to stop…

We all know what our party is and what we stand for and it is high time we reminded those we elected since some of them seem to have forgotten. I refuse to hear from people years from now that the Republican Party once stood for something. The Republican Party has not left you, perhaps you have left it, on those days when you decided that you really did not have the time to call and email your leaders, on those days when you thought about going to the illegal immigrant rallies but were afraid you would be the only one there. Or on that day when you decided not to vote because your vote wouldn’t count any way.

You simply cannot fix a problem by ignoring it or running away from it, you must stay and you must fight for what is rightfully yours. If you start running away now you will never stop, you must take a deep breath and fight, fight like hell and never, never surrender. If this debacle has taught us anything it has taught us that the people make the difference and if we the people get together and demand a republican party that stands for us we cannot be defeated. Take off your ash cloth and stop beating your chest, get on the phone and start your emails and let them know this battle has not even come close to an end.

My Mom always told me you get back what you put into something and if all you’re putting into your party is your decision to give up then it is no wonder no one is listening to you. We must work together to bring the party of the people back to the people or we give up now and let them have it because creating a new party has never worked and some of us have just a bit to much of a conscience to vote for a democrat. Yes we have had a few people who have gone down because they were bad people, but have you ever wondered how it is that the party that believes it is right to kill an unborn child and not a mass murderer is suddenly so squeaky clean, it is because no one has bothered to look very closely at these people and they are still doing what ever they want under our noses…

I think it is high time we do a little digging, find out just how good these people really are, because I can assure when we start digging they will make us look like saints. So you go right on ahead and abandon your party, we will miss you but those of us who still believe in the conservative republican way of life will never surrender and we will start calling those people who have run us into the ground and we will demand our party back, because it does not belong to them, the republican party belongs to the people and from this day forward we the people will run it.

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