You Have Nothing to Complain About, So Get Back to Work

By: Carolyn Hileman

OK, so we got the wind knocked out of us, we feel like we have been kicked in the chest and have a big red R on our forehead for racist. Lets get something straight here we knew going in that this election was not really going to fix anything, we knew both sides were giving lip service to the problem and we knew the fight was going to be far from over. Did any of us really believe that the Hispanics would not come out in record numbers? Did we not know that if anything went wrong they would say it was because we were pushing racist policies? Yes we lost the house and the senate, but if I remember correctly before they left the house pushed through a bill for a fence they had no intentions of funding, just so they could go around and say they were doing something on immigration.

Everyone knows that I love “W” and yes it hurt like Hell to see him look so defeated, but the fact of the matter is they did this to themselves, every single one of them. When you are elected to lead and you don’t you get thrown out and we really had nothing to do with that even though the media will say we did because they have to have something to say now other than Iraq because I think they figured out we are sick of hearing that subject like it is the only thing going on in the world today, yes it is important, but good God get off of it already.

Now if you joined this movement with no intention of seeing it through get in line behind the republicans who are out of a job. If your idea was that after the election they would see where they went wrong and suddenly fix everything, you are delusional and need serious help. If you went to those rallies believing the president might see you and change his mind, you are wrong. If you are going to go hide in your hole, lick your wounds and wait for the world to suddenly get better we don’t need you. But if you are ready to fight, if you are ready to put your every thing into this cause then we need you now. For those of you who have worked so very hard, you simply cannot give up now simply because if you do your not much better than the quick fix republicans who gave us an unfunded fence.

You brought us to this dance and it is your obligation to keep the music going, you don’t have the option of lying down and licking your wounds you must go out there and rally your troops simply because with out you your troops will go home. They need you to make them think about tomorrow and the next day and if you don’t they will start slipping away. Pick up that flag and remember what brought you to this fight, remember that this is not the first time you had a set back, it is not time to give up yet, you have only just begun to fight. You did not form your organizations and collations to disband at the first sign of trouble, you formed them to fight until you had a secure border and illegal immigrants were no longer a threat to our county or have you forgotten?

Your job has never been to get anyone elected it was to get those elected to secure our borders so your fight has just begun it has by no means ended. Your job has been too educate the people about what illegal immigration is doing to our country, it is about saving that one person from being harmed by illegal immigration, if that is what you have been doing then you should not be ashamed. But if all you have been doing is riding the tide of anger over the marches and trying to get someone elected then you do not need to be leading this fight. Our troops have been called murderers and they still did their jobs, they have been pulled around like puppets never knowing one day to the next if the democrats were going to pull them out or if the republicans could keep them in and they still fought, the media only reports the bad news in Iraq, always makes it look as though they are the bad guys and not the ones they are fighting, but they have not backed down. So until you are getting fired upon daily and pushed and pulled in every single direction imaginable, and lied about daily, you have nothing to complain about so get back to work.

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