Sometimes it only takes one

By: Carolyn Hileman

We would all love to see a big crowd supporting us, we would all love to know we are not the only ones fighting, we would all love to hear someone say good job, keep up the good work. But if we have that we are really not fighting for anything we are just hanging out with those who agree with us and that will not further any ones position, it will only stagnate it and the people who are fighting for it. Sometimes it takes a struggle, it takes being the only one standing, the only one refusing to sit down and shut up. Sometimes it takes one.

I seriously doubt when our original founding fathers started out they had a big crowd to spur them on, no they had faith and they had a never die spirit and they believed solely in their cause, they believed enough in this country to put their lives on the line for its creation. I am sure Jesus would have loved a big crowd saying leave him alone, but he knew if he didn’t make that sacrifice his position would never be advanced, sometimes it only takes one.

When ever you see wrong, you need not wait for everyone to agree that something is wrong you need only to reach inside of you and find the hero you are waiting for and put a stop to it. You don’t need a group or some party to tell you what is right and what is wrong, you just know in your heart and you know also that if someone doesn’t speak up the wrong will continue. History is replete with stories of one person changing the face of our nation, some for the better some for the worse but the fact is it took only one person, sometimes it only takes one.

Sometimes if you don’t give up because your embarrassed and walk away there will be others who find the strength to come stand with you and then others will see that someone is making a stand and they will stand with you as well, but if you walk away because no one is standing with you what have you accomplished, you have proven that what you thought was important really was not that important any way. But if you stand your ground, if you forget for one second that you are the only one you can summon the strength of all the ones who have gone before you and you will have the strength to fight them all because sometimes it only takes one…

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