What Would Be Your Answer?

By: Gary L. Baker II

It has never been more apparent than in recent years just how much people take freedom for granted. The recent debate over “under God” in the pledge has grown like wildfire. Frankly, I believe it is their freedom to refuse to say “under God” and I don’t care if they do, but what grinds me is their refusal to pledge allegiance to the government. Currently students of Orange Coast College are refusing to say the pledge at school board meetings in opposition to God and the Government. One student, Jason Bell stated that the government has not earned his respect. This is the typical insecure liberal mindset of a person lacking any political knowledge and a fear of standing against the peer majority. The funny thing I find about a lot of college liberals these days is that most of my peers have no idea about what is going on in the world of politics and they have been spoon fed their entire lives. These are kids who are extremely intelligent, but don’t know a damn thing about how the real world works. They latch on to some idea of rebellion, run with it and never realize what they are saying, simply put, is stupid.

I find it ironic that they denounce a country in which people die everyday for their right to denounce it. Some people (Nancy Pelosi, these kids, and any other American haters) constantly take for granted the wonderful things this country stands for. This kid says the government needs to earn his respect. How about the fact that the established government has founded an education system that allowed him to learn and go to college. How about the fact a government founded on values like freedom of speech lets him live, rather than murder him for speaking out. How about the fact that the government has taken the war to the enemy, so Jason Bell and any other “blame America first” liberal can live their life in denial of how bad the world really can be outside this country. I could honestly go on and on. Basically I’m saying that someone needs to give these people a good slap in the face as a wake up call and say, “Quit complaining about all the freedoms that you have and be thankful you weren’t born in Iraq or North Korea, where you would be impoverished and starving! Be thankful that you have a chance to live and make a difference!”

The only advice I have for these liberals whether they be informed or not. Get over your insecurity to stand up for this great nation. Study your nation’s history and learn to appreciate what many have given their lives for. I don’t care if you believe in God or not, but support thegovernment that defends you. Everyday people are dying for your freedom and will continue to die in the future to allow this great nation to grow. All the sacrifices that have been made over past two centuries have been nothing but proof of how the government has earned your respect. Abolition of slavery, defeating the Soviets, and the over throw of Saddam are clear examples of how the government has earned respect. So my question to the like-minded liberals who agree with Mr. Bell is, if asked what you have done to earn the government’s respect, what would be your answer?

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