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November 18, 2006

Intelligence Chiefs Testify Before Senate Committee

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The heads of two major intelligence agencies — the Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency — were called to testify before the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee on Thursday. The committee’s senators stated they were interested in having the …

Same-sex swan song a sour serenade

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Last spring, I was having breakfast with a man who has been very influential in my life over the past several years. I complained to him about the indifference and complacency that I noticed on the marriage issue. At that …

A Strategic Blunder to Top All Strategic Blunders

Filed under: Featured Conservative,The Republicans - 18 Nov 2006

The worse part about the Republicans’ loss of the Senate on Tuesday night was, as Newt Gingrich and outgoing Senate Judiciary Chair Arlen Specter (among others) have since pointed out, it was oh-so avoidable. The war …