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November 22, 2006

Feminist Infiltration into the Conservative Ranks?

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It was one of those claims that only a feminist could dream up: “A 2005 U.N. Population Fund report found that 70% of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape.” Despite the lack of credibility of anything …

Proretrogressives and the Last Wake-up Call

As the U.S. Capitol custodial staff scrubs bloody chunks of the Republicans’ former majority from chamber walls, the more informed among us are left to our (hopefully more informed) conjecture. Have we moved into another dark age of far-Left preeminence, …

MSM Killing Military Recruiting

With the talk of Charlie Rangel’s second try to get the draft reinstated, it is interesting to take a look at how leftists are attempting to destroy our military and one of the ways the left is trying to undermine …

Charlie Rangel’s Draft Obsession

Some Democrat Party lawmakers claim the volunteer military may become dangerously stretched thin by events occuring in Iran, North Korea and Syria. They believe the answer to acquiring more troops is to reinstate the draft.