Proretrogressives and the Last Wake-up Call

By: Erik Rush

“What’s the point? They’re all crooks.”
– My father, on voting.

As the U.S. Capitol custodial staff scrubs bloody chunks of the Republicans’ former majority from chamber walls, the more informed among us are left to our (hopefully more informed) conjecture. Have we moved into another dark age of far-Left preeminence, or will the Democrat leadership crash and burn, engendering even more disgust and disappointment in voters than existed two weeks ago, thus turning the tables yet again?

Should the latter occur anytime within the next, oh, two to four years, it is evident that Americans will no longer tolerate Republican politicians who transmogrify into Democrats as soon as they attain a majority; the midterm election was all the proof we need of that.

Q: How do you turn a Republican into a Democrat?
A: Get them elected.

Not any more. And well it should be. “Death to the RINOs! [Republicans In Name Only]” is a call I’ve been hearing a lot over the last week or so in varying forms.

“Proretrogressives”, I believe, is an apt designation for what the Democrat leadership has become – for the moment. A year ago, no one but their base would have voted for them in the numbers they did on November 7. The Democrat leadership figured out that they needed to appear more centrist to retake the Capitol – and it worked. Their international socialist agenda remains the same, however: They will continue to press for suicidal economic and social programs and policies at home, and continue to smooch the buttocks of the likes of Kim Jong-Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other profoundly dangerous enemies of the U.S. – as they have for the last 40 years. The American people will suffer the consequences; they’ve got fat pensions, bunkers and stored food prepared for Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and their RINO bedfellows.

Perhaps they’ll suggest that America convert to radical Islam en masse. That, after all is the only alternative to annihilation or victory. It is sad that the Democrat majority left to their own devices will ultimately force the U.S. into the position of having to incinerate several million misled souls in order to save ourselves. When we get backed into that corner, someone’s going to start pressing buttons, no matter which party is in charge. We are already in a more precarious position than we were concerning the Japanese threat in World War II; far Left politicians and the media are the reason most Americans are shielded from this fact.

At times like these I’m grateful for my faith. Were it not for that, I might have concluded that the majority of Americans truly are morons and there was little I or the combined efforts of all like-minded could do to stem the tide of socialism and the cult of ignorance that has insinuated itself into the American collective mind.

When I hear Rosie O’Donnell’s pathetically ignorant blather (on ABC’s The View) about not walking through life “afraid of anyone who thinks different than you” and instructing Americans not to fear terrorists because “they’re mothers and fathers,” images of human beings falling from the Twin Towers spring immediately into my mind’s eye. I experience a near-overwhelming urge to leap through the television screen with a macheté. Although I imagine this makes me a “right-wing hater” in the eyes of some, my view is that enemies foreign and domestic are enemies nonetheless, and if the Left is determined to use the First Amendment to destroy America, then the Right deserves a little latitude as well.

Then, again my faith re-affirms itself: Chopping up Rosie O’Donnell wouldn’t solve much in the long run and would only harm the cause in which I believe. It would be a spiritually unsound action, and society severely frowns on such things. Then there’s the bothersome reality of causing myself injury and demolishing my television in the attempt.

I don’t believe that Independent voters honestly fear conservatives imposing a theocracy any more than they believe proretrogressives want to tax us into subsistence mode, enslave us to sensualism, and culturally engineer us into something less than human. The latter is far closer to the truth – but it is the character of swing-voter types not to analyze politics as deeply as affiliated voters. Fifty years of Democrat-fostered failed social programs, economic irresponsibility and state-sponsored cultural subversion were apparently not enough to convince them we didn’t need more of it, despite the substandard performance of Republican leaders over the last few years.

So – a few things have to happen if America is to survive – and the stakes are no less than that:

1. Conservatives have to be prepared to descend upon the opposition with all vigor when their shortcomings manifest, much in the same way the Left has done over the last six years.
2. Republicans voters need to wake up. We must do all we can to get nothing but fire-breathing conservatives nominated in primary elections.
3. Republican politicians need to wake up. If you’re not a fire-breathing conservative, get the hell out of the party. The GOP still has the best fundamental ideas; it’s the culture of self-seeking personal aggrandizement which must be excised from the party. The voters are the only ones who can accomplish this. RINOs can aid them by switching parties or becoming carnival barkers.
4. A grass-roots effort must be made targeting the fifty-percent of eligible voters who don’t vote. The law of averages dictates we’ll get at least 40% of them.
5. Additionally, a grass-roots effort on the part of conservatives must be made targeting people in the inner cities – particularly minorities – who have been steeped in the Leftist culture of victimization, class envy and ignorance. It’s time they learned who’s been whoring them out and give them a real chance to escape their cycle socioeconomic malaise.
6. As far as foreign policy goes, a grass-roots effort on the part of conservatives must be made to inform Americans as to the clear and present dangers we face. If they don’t know – and they won’t find out from Hollywood, Nancy Pelosi or the media – they won’t respond.

By the way: “Grass roots” means people, not lobbyist organizations, 501c(3)s or 527s. The time for timidity has passed. Ripping progressives’ heads off and punting them into the stratosphere at every opportunity in the public arena – figuratively, of course – with superior logic and wisdom must become our modus operandi. Lingering RINO thieves and perverts must be thrown to the lions. We can’t afford them.

Most Americans cannot conceptualize the dark vision much of the world has for us – a vision the far Left either denies or condones. The wake-up call has come. It’s time for true patriots to get to work, wherever they happen to be.

Erik Rush is a New York-born Black columnist and author who writes a weekly column of political fare. He is also Associate Editor and Publisher for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets. An archive containing links to his writing is at His new book, “It’s the Devil, Stupid!” is available through most major outlets.

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