Bronx Judge Pens Children’s Book About Immigration and Patriotism

By: Minuteman Media

27 November 2006

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“Hot House Flowers” teaches consequences of unchecked immigration

Bronx, NY — Judge John H. Wilson has stepped out of his judicial robes to write a children’s book. Hot House Flowers is aimed at entertaining and educating children, but adults will find the story an informative and useful object lesson in politics and current events and a cautionary tale to share with family and friends.

Judge Wilson tackles the topic of illegal immigration in an imaginative manner, and the publisher adds a colorful assortment of illustrations to the Judge’s metaphorical story of cartoon “hothouse flowers” which must resist the intrusion of weeds from outside the borders of the protected house.

The parallels of loyalty to and defense of one’s country against unauthorized intrusion are unmistakable. Judge Wilson’s unique perspective on this national issue teaches children (and adults) about patriotism and the need for defense of national borders in a logical manner.

Judge Wilson develops Hot House Flowers with a religious subtext. Christian parents will find this book very suitable for young children whose reading and reasoning skills are developing. With his carefully chosen language and the abundant illustrations, Judge Wilson emphasizes that the diversity on which America prides itself must be regulated and protected from within in order to preserve it.

Readers concerned about the effects of unregulated immigration on the daily lives of American citizens and who support the active defense of their country will find the lessons in Hot House Flowers a potent antidote for the mindless pursuit of “diversity.” Judge Wilson’s carefully constructed conservative discussion will annoy those who are without concern for national survival or the quality of life for all who are affected by those who would invade a nation without following lawful rules and procedures; but for minds young and old, which are open to logical thought, this book will be a great addition to any library.

About the Author
Judge John H. Wilson was elected in 2004. He serves in the Criminal Court of Kings County, New York. Born in the Bronx, Judge Wilson graduated from Pace University School of Law, and served as Bronx County’s Assistant District Attorney. He has also served as Law Chairman of the Bronx County Conservative Party. Judge Wilson resides in New York City.

To request a free review copy, please contact representative Jeff Haas by phone at (212) 431-2340.

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