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December 2, 2006

More Than 100,000 US Government Immigration Files Missing

Filed under: Immigration - 02 Dec 2006

An investigation by the Government Accountability Office revealed that the US government processed about 30,000 citizenship applications even though the office of the US Citizenship Immigration Services acknowledged they were missing 110,000 A-Files or alien files.

America’s “Play Station” Generation Will Not Endure

America is increasingly accepting the notion of a “cut and run” response to Islamic terrorism. Post-election talk on Capitol Hill, from both sides of the aisle, focuses ever more on the notion that America ought to simply accept the “futility” …

La inmigración, sí. Americanización, no.

Filed under: Immigration - 02 Dec 2006

Will America remain American – with roots, culture, and language reaching back to Anglo Saxon Europe — when millions of legal Mexican Americans and illegal Mexican immigrants want to be and remain Mexican? With midterm elections now over, this question …

Here Comes Nebby Government Again

Filed under: American Government,Science & Technology - 02 Dec 2006

Call me crazy, but I don’t worry that much about “global warming” much less how us pitiful humans are supposedly making the Earth heat up. Maybe it’s just knowing that over the millennia since the Earth was born it …