Cultural Cooties

By: Erik Rush

Don’t think for a minute that I live and die by what goes on at Fox News. I know the far Left thinks they’re the George Bush Network and the far Right thinks they’re too liberal. They may be guilty of imprudence for “giving life” to the Left’s more inane claims; for example, The Beltway Boys (Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke) seriously addressing the mantra “we’re less safe now than we were before 9/11” (the bleat of the completely spineless) is one that should be relegated to the “Bush [somehow] caused Hurricane Katrina” pile. My view is that Fox generally does a pretty decent job relative to objectivity.

The rub for the Left is that objective correspondents and viewers tend to conclude that the far Left is dedicatedly corrupting America on just about every level. This group, as I’ve indicated before, now includes the national leadership of the Democrat Party. Some of its prominent members have been taking potshots at Fox in the last couple of weeks, which should be no surprise given the latter’s ratings, popularity and growing influence.

Some of my readers have noticed I’ve ramped things up over the last couple of weeks. Being in marketing, I even came up with the (downright brilliant) slogan “Full-Contact Commentary” for my website. The reasons for my having done this should be obvious.

I’ve also been studying some of the far Left websites lately, odious a charge though it may be. I know a lot of conservatives can’t muster the philosophical detachment to do so without breaking something expensive. There are two reasons I do this: 1) to remind myself of what the far Left is all about, and 2) to caution myself not to become a hater in response.

First, let me set a few qualifications with respect to far Left and far Right websites. Those who include white supremacist sites, for example, as “far Right” are missing the mark. Those people aren’t far Right, they’re sick animals with a miniscule amount of political power – and let’s hope it stays that way.

For the most part, far Right websites often have a lot of what passes for commentary by people who hold conservative values, but who just aren’t that articulate – and it shows. They generally do not however, contain content that’s 60% unprintable nor the vitriol, the wildest of conspiracy theories, empty invective and name-calling of the far Left sites. Even the most popular, well-constructed, high-traffic sites are as guilty of this as those one finds at gutter level.

When some waste of skin murders a young child and it’s all over the news, the initial reaction for many folks is the burning desire to see the perpetrator strung up by his privates and set ablaze. Why? Because he’s destroyed something beautiful. That reaction, though human, can be carried too far and become unhealthy. Hate, some have said, is like taking poison in the hope that it will kill the object of one’s hatred.

So I have a difficult time maintaining that philosophical detachment when it comes to folks like Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Barney Frank, because they are also destroying something beautiful: The United States of America. As opposed to the wackadoos running websites from remote compounds in Idaho, they have quite a lot of political power, yet they represent the haters on the far Left and an amoral, international socialist agenda.

Which sort of brings us back to Fox News and their recent coverage of the aforementioned Democrat leaders’ nattering. Quite honestly, the thought of close interaction with these people makes me itch. I’d be afraid of catching something from one of them – beyond the figurative social diseases they carry concerning ethics, morality and social norms. They got lucky, to be sure, with the Republican implosion, but their recent counter-claims to the moral high ground being counterfeit were a matter of public record long before the midterm election.

Apart from the whole sleeping-hanging-upside-down thing, our new House Speaker (Pelosi) would superimpose San Francisco values on all of America. Need I say more?

Harry Reid, the “Christian gentleman” who was even featured on conservative Pat Robertson’s television show and lauded as the Democrats’ voice of reason two years ago, has proved to be a calumny-spouting party-line mouthpiece with a penchant for shady land deals. Sound familiar?

Ted Kennedy, the champion of the downtrodden being a womanizing, silver spoon-fed elite who escaped murder charges due to his wealth and fame is old hat, so I’ll leave it there. I also dragged Charles “Chuck Daddy” Rangel over the proverbial coals and back a little over a week ago for “trying to bring back the draft”, this being little more than a cheap ruse to keep him in front of the cameras. His ongoing crimes – that of whoring out his minority constituents for 35 years to his aggrandizement – are much more heinous.

Which brings us again back to Fox – and none other than Barney Frank, who slammed the network’s Chris Wallace for being biased during an interview late last month. Many, including the network, surmise that this was a stealth ploy to discredit Fox in general. A reasonable strategy, and Frank was a good choice for the Wallace interview; aside from looking like someone from whom one would likely contract a sexually-transmitted disease, he is highly intelligent and razor-sharp in the articulation department.

As far as his being the celebrated openly gay congressman, I’ve said before that my problem is not with people who practice homosexuality; that’s not my business. It’s the gay political lobby being on the international socialist bandwagon I find both insidious and dangerous. In Barney Frank’s case however, his lover running a gay brothel out of the congressman’s apartment and having Frank “fix” traffic tickets for him gives me great pause.

I know that the vast majority of loyal Democrat voters are not pigs, nor do they wish America to become a nation of pigs. Unfortunately, they (and many swing voters) don’t understand or don’t believe that the Democrat leadership’s objective is to steer us all merrily down the road to pigdom.

I’ve conceded that the Republican leadership had its head in the sand (or perhaps another less pleasant place), and that’s why they lost Congress. In an earlier column, I contended that the only way for the party to be viable is to become markedly more accountable and conservative, not less, and throw RINO (Republican In Name Only) politicians and others who’ve contracted these cultural cooties to the wolves (or perhaps it was lions…).

The point is that all the nefarious and morally questionable dealings I mentioned above, as with Bill Clinton’s infidelity, perjury and shady land deals are business as usual for Democrat politicians. Even for those who argue that both parties play fast and loose with their political perks, it has been demonstrated again and again that when Democrats get caught, it’s no big deal – indeed, it’s almost expected. When Republicans get caught, on the other hand, it’s time to break out the thumbscrews and iron maiden.

The greater point is that if the Republican Party is going to claim the moral high ground, they’ve got to actually occupy it.

Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist and author who writes a weekly column of political fare. He is also Acting Associate Editor and Publisher for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets. An archive containing links to his writing is at His new book, “It’s the Devil, Stupid!” is available through most major outlets. His new book, Annexing Mexico, is scheduled for
release shortly.

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