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December 10, 2006

Sen. Leahy to FBI Director: Give Me Secret Information

Filed under: American National Security - 10 Dec 2006

While Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) isn’t scheduled to takeover as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee until January 2007, he already sounds as if he’s the man in charge of oversight of our nation’s law enforcement and courts. And considering …

If I Could Choose The President, Vice President, And Cabinet In 2008

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Dec 2006

Every once in a while (and don’t tell me you haven’t done this yourself) I allow my mind to drift off into fantasy-land for a brief period of time, where I begin to envision what this great nation of ours …

How We Will Lose Our Freedom of Speech

If people were asked about actor Michael Richards’ epithet-laced outburst at a Los Angeles nightclub, there would be a lot of focus on the verbal assault but very little on an assault on freedom of speech. In truth, however, …