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December 12, 2006

Why I Can’t Be An Atheist Part 2: Appeals to Reason and Logic

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It is quite possible that atheists as a group are more intelligent than the community of theists at large. I don’t have statistical evidence to support this claim, but anecdotally, I can believe that it is quite likely. Many, who …

Advent Second Sunday

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Rev. Reiter noted that, as described in the passage from Acts, Philippi was the leading city of that district in Macedonia and, equally important, was a Roman colony. The latter made the Apostle Paul’s preaching more dangerous than otherwise, …

Roundup of Criminal Aliens Finds Rapists, Kidnappers and Thieves

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Federal law enforcement officers arrested 35 fugitive aliens and other immigration violators in a weeklong operation in Massachusetts. The enforcement action is the latest under Operation Secure Streets, a national initiative targeting illegal aliens with prior convictions for driving under …