Jesus Was the “King of Peace,” But Not a Muslim

By: John Lillpop

As the world celebrates the birth of the “King of Peace,” our conservative president repeatedly refers to Islam as a “religion of peace,” despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In a practical sense, the president’s naive mindset may explain why professionals working in Homeland Security are ordered to follow PC, rather than common sense, in dealing with “young, middle-eastern males who speak Arabic.”

For instance, TSA is prohibited from using racial profiling as a tool for identifying potential terrorists. As if my 87-year old grandmother, wheel-chair and all, is as much a threat to ram a 747 into the Coit Tower in San Francsico as Mohamed or Ali.

The administration’s neurotic opposition to arming airline pilots is another example of PC over common sense in the war on terror.

Perhaps the president would believe differently after learning what Zacarias Moussaoui had to say in court last April. Moussaoui said he would like to see attacks like 9/11 “every day.” He mocked a Navy sailor who wept on the stand as she described the death of two subordinates.

Most dramatically, Moussaoui testified that Muslims are mandated by the Koran to kill infidels, and that he wished even more Americans had died on 9/11.

Clearly, this man is the very embodiment of evil. Sub-human, worthless, and deserving of death are other apt descriptions.

Religion of Peace is NOT a phrase one would associate with Moussaoui or Islamic fascism.

Have you heard, Mr. President: Jesus Christ was Not a Muslim!

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal, “clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are actually considered normal!

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