Why Are We Giving The Union A Wink And A Nod?

By: Carolyn Hileman

When the president of the United States did not jump on the throw them out band wagon he was thrown to the dogs, when our senators and congressmen didn’t stand up we kicked them out and yet the union one of the strongest forces in this country not only panders to them but refuses to stand with the very people who are paying the dues and what is done? Nothing.

Now let me get this straight you guys are paying at least ten dollars a week for their representation and when you need it the most for fair hiring practices they are ignoring you. That is right, out right blatant ignoring the very people who put them in those high and mighty offices so they can decide when you need to go on strike for something petty like a twenty five cent an hour raise but stand up against the people and companies who are giving away your jobs I don’t think so.

So somebody tell me how they get to walk away from all of this smelling like a rose, how is it that they hold no guilt in this national travesty. We all know that when the unions go on strike the nation takes notice and if you ask me if there were ever a need for a nationwide strike this would be it. A couple of days, a week at the most and most companies would fall in line and we all know it. But they are not going to and do you want to know why, it is very simple if the illegal immigrants get the amnesty they are after they can pressure them into the union just like they did you and then they will get a lot more money and instead of striking for things you believe in you will be striking for them to get better wages, Mexican holidays any thing they want because just like the votes at the polling place they will out number you in the unions as well and all the big boys in the union care about is your money.

I believe it is high time we hold their feet to the fire, time they earned the money they take each week, time they stood up for their people, their country. Do not let them get by with sitting on the sidelines, this is one issue that they need to make a strong statement on and they need to do it now.

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