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December 27, 2006

Breaking News: Liberals Ask FCC to Expand “Dirty Words” List for Xmas!

Filed under: Potpourri - 27 Dec 2006

In a hastily called press conference held at a local mortuary, Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi and incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid petitioned FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin to issue an immediate order that would expand the list of “Seven Dirty Words” …

Mexican Mafia Kingpin and Underlings Headed for Prison

Filed under: Immigration - 27 Dec 2006

A top Mexican Mafia member, who controlled Hispanic street gangs that operated across Orange County, CA, was sentenced on December 18 to 14 years in federal prison after pleading guilty earlier this year to violating federal racketeering and narcotics …

Charity vs the Welfare State

Religion and morality command every individual to do the right thing by helping people who have fallen upon hard times. But charity is not the same thing as decreeing that such people are entitled to an equal share of everyone’s …