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January 3, 2007

Breyer’s Lyin’ Eyes: Justice sees only what he wants to

Filed under: Basic American Rights,Crime and Punishment - 03 Jan 2007

“The words in the Constitution are ‘cruel and unusual.’ Those are the words. It doesn’t talk about the death penalty. It’s embodying certain values.” So says Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, explaining why he thinks capital punishment might be unconstitutional.

That these remarks have not become a national scandal is a testament to the success that Breyer, his liberal colleagues and their predecessors have had in deconstructing the Constitution. Anymore, a direct contradiction of what that document actually says is simply taken to be an alternative school of constitutional theory.

US Witnesses Dramatic Decline in Domestic Violence

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 03 Jan 2007

The domestic violence rate has declined since 1993, according to a report by the US Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics.

A Lump of Coal for Kwanzaa

For you religio-centric clods who haven’t yet expanded your celebratory horizons – and you know who you are – I bring a message of tolerance and inclusiveness: December 26 marked the start of Kwanzaa. As some know, this High …

Amherst College: Should Marxism be Given Another Look?

The Young America’s Foundation has come out with their 2006 list of the most bizarre and Politically Correct college courses of the year and it shows, once again, the foolishness being called an “education” that is foisted upon our …