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January 12, 2007

Nancy in Wonderland Opposes American Troops, Supports Illegal Aliens

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Since her leap over and through the glass ceiling last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has unveiled a legislative agenda that would, if enacted, make Washington, D.C. the socialism capitol of the world.

Black Caucus Gives Rep. William “Cold Cash” Jefferson Standing Ovation

The first week since New Year’s Day has been one of gleeful celebration as the Democrats and their news media cohorts congratulated one another for wresting power from the corrupt and meanspirited Republicans.

Deval Patrick: Travaglini’s Boy

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Massachusetts has indeed made history. For the first time in state history, The Bay State has elected its first black governor. Deval Patrick, the man who offered the state the long awaited hope it needed, probably thought he could come …

Warning: Your Bumper Sticker Might Be Illegal

John McCain and his love for the government nanny state has struck once again. And now because Mr. McCain and many other politicians are not capable of exhibiting self control your bumper sticker might land you a letter of …

The Bare Necessities

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You wouldn’t attempt to go for an hour without breathing, a week without taking fluid, or a year without eating, would you? Of course not. You would languish and die. Highly undesirable, unless you were a zealot, fanatic or hunger …