Deval Patrick: Travaglini’s Boy

By: Bob Parks

Massachusetts has indeed made history. For the first time in state history, The Bay State has elected its first black governor. Deval Patrick, the man who offered the state the long awaited hope it needed, probably thought he could come to a state not his original home, and make it his own.

He offered up the familiar campaign-style phrases of hope during his January 4th inauguration.

“So, as an American, I am an optimist. But not a foolish one. I see clearly the challenges before us.”

Governor Patrick may be an optimist, but there are some realities of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts he probably didn’t account for when someone put the idea in his head he should be our governor.

“I see the young talent and jobs leaving our state, driven away by the high cost of housing.”

“I see the poor in terrible shape, and the middle class one month away from being poor.”

And beside Midnight Basketball and breaking up the family with government programs, just what have Democrats done to win the war on poverty? Was there ever a war Democrats felt worth fighting, except against Christians and Republicans?

“I see the heroin in the cities and the oxycontin in the suburbs, destroying families with cold indifference to class and status.”

Patrick Kennedy is out of rehab, right?

“I see the way the public schools too often fail poor kids and the how the cost of public colleges is pushing young people out.”

True, and what did my father and Deval’s mother do about that? They got up off their butts and did what was necessary so we could both attend Milton Academy where there were clear goals and tough standards.

As for college, I don’t know about Patrick, but I got a student loan because that’s what I had to do. No one owed me a loan. Maybe if the government didn’t automatically agree to pay the tuition price, that price would have to come down just like every other item for sale in the United States.

“I see the broken roads and bridges, the soaring health care costs, the high property taxes, the violence in our streets.”

What is a “broken road”? I’ve seen potholes and bumps. We don’t have too many sinkholes in Massachusetts. So, what is a “broken” road? I haven’t seen too many “broken” bridges either?

As far as soaring health care costs, Massachusetts’ Universal Health Care costs will eventually add to the pain of our citizens. I’d assume as a lawyer, Deval Patrick wouldn’t be for tort reform. That would be too easy. There must be someone they haven’t taxed yet….

“But I also see the creativity of our universities.
I also see the ingenuity of our industries.
I also see the skill of our hospitals, the inspiration of our artists.”

Wow. That’s enough to make no-rhythm liberals nod their heads in unison.

“And I see above all the imagination, the compassion and the energy of our people.

I see what we are capable of – not just as a matter of history, but as a matter of character.

And I am asking you to touch that part of our shared legacy, and reach with me for something better.”

For those of you who don’t live here and didn’t have to endure Deval Patrick’s soggy television commercials where all we had to do was just “reach out” and grab or touch… something, those ads were as annoying as a Dunkin’ Donuts 30-second musical. So now you have a taste of those sappy Devalisms we have to deal with.

Don’t get me wrong. Deval Patrick ran a winning campaign full of pledges and promises that were systematically being broken before he was even inaugurated. Typical Clintonista.

But Deval Patrick also suffers from a naïve optimism that won’t work in Democrat Boston, thus the point of the title of this piece.

Democrats have a long history of racial intolerance they have yet to acknowledge and atone for. Look up Louise Day Hicks and ROAR. Many people have DIED over the history of this nation due to Democrat policies and past enforcement methods.

Massachusetts may have made history today, but I’d wish someone would ask the Democrats what took them so long.

Where does carpetbagger Deval Patrick get off thinking he’d be allowed to be a real leader in Boston’s Democrat Party?

“Senate President Robert E. Travaglini yesterday publicly scolded incoming governor Deval Patrick, telling a breakfast audience that he had warned Patrick to cooperate with the Legislature or Travaglini would withdraw support for Patrick’s agenda.”
– Andrea Estes and Frank Phillips, Boston Globe, December 15, 2006

Look how the Globe describes this interaction. When was the last time you ever heard one politician “scold” his superior like a child? I understand it, as Deval Patrick is now Travaglini’s boy.

Massachusetts Republicans just suffered the triple whammy. Prior to the general election, the Democrats only had a super majority in our State House. As of November 7th, the Dems now control the governor’s office as well.

As we’ve had Republican governors for the last few cycles, Robert Travaglini and House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi were the top dogs in their party.

Now look at who and what they have to listen to. Deval Patrick.

This is going to get ugly.

“The audience members also reported that Travaglini said Patrick downplayed his promise to slash waste in the budget, though yesterday Patrick’s office insisted he stood firmly by his vow to cut inefficient spending. Travaglini said that in recent discussions with Patrick, he warned the governor-elect to stop making public promises to cut $1 billion in waste.”

Well I guess Travaglini put Patrick in his place. I wonder what’s really behind this, including the obvious lack of respect toward the then governor-elect?

“According to the notes of one audience member, Travaglini said: ‘I told the governor-elect, if you’re willing to share and you care and you prepare and are ready to deliver, then everything will work out. If not, I have senators across the state who share my vision and my approach and if forced to choose, I’m comfortable with whom they’ll choose.’”

I wonder if Travaglini later gave Deval Patrick an offer he can’t refuse?

“Travaglini’s unexpected rebuke of Patrick breaks the public image of unity that the legislative leadership and the governor-elect have been displaying since the November election.”

I have to disagree with the Globe reporters. This rebuke was hardly unexpected.

Deval Patrick was just dumb enough to believe his own press. Boston’s elected Democrats, as he’s now finding out, are hardly the tolerant, inclusive, compassionate types they anoint themselves. Massachusetts politics is a game and Deval read the wrong playbook.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard anyone speak to an incoming governor that way, especially in public. If this is any indication of the relationship Deval will have with his Beacon Hill cohorts, it’s no wonder it took so long for “history” to be made in a liberal state.

Deval, welcome to Massachusetts! You just gotta love Democrats.

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, and VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc.

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