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January 20, 2007

Bloggers Might be Fined $200,000 by the Federal Gov’t

Thomas Paine wrote one of the most famous tracts of the Revolutionary era. Titled “The Rights of Man”, it was a tract that many said, should it not have existed, the Revolution could not have occurred. In fact, historians contend …

Undersecretary General of UN Indicted in Oil-for-Food Case

Filed under: The United Nations - 20 Jan 2007

United Nations Undersecretary General Benon Sevan of Cyprus and Ephraim Nadler, a/k/a “Fred Nadler” of New York City were indicted on charges of bribery and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, in connection with the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program.

Congress Resurgent?

Filed under: American National Security,History - 20 Jan 2007

Will we have a reprise of the post Nixon-era Congressional invasion of the President’s Constitutional powers that led, among other things, to eviscerating the CIA? Congress is reassessing the President’s Constitutional powers, as it did in the aftermath of …

Don’t Just Stand There! Do Nothing!

On January 4th, Democrats took control of the House of Representatives and tenuous control of the Senate. With the change of power comes the possibility of something big government types dread.