The “Mexicanization” of America, Courtesy of George W. Bush

By: John Lillpop

Is the notion that President Bush is actively working for the Mexicanization of America an exaggeration?

Consider the Bush record:

* Refuses to secure the U.S. border;

* Refuses to act, or even comment on, incursions on American
soil by armed Mexicans;

* Refuses to enforce existing immigration laws;

* Supports amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens in America;

* Wants to provide illegal aliens with Social Security benefits;

* Opposes making English the official American language;

To enforce his non-enforcement of U.S. borders and laws, Bush has installed Alberto Gonzales as the Attorney General of the United States.

Gonzales, the offspring of illegal aliens from Mexico, has no interest whatsoever in preventing the flow of third-world peasants into America.

After all, those poor invading peasants are his fellow countrymen!

In addition to the Gonzales travesty, Bush has appointed Senator Mel Martinez as the new chair of the Republican National Committee. Martinez is an open borders, pro-illegal alien activist who could care less about America.

George w. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, and Mel Martinez: Two banditos and one gringo working for the Mexicanization of America!

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