The Clock is Ticking

By: Patti Bankson

I’m wondering how the Democrats won the recent election. I know … votes. But, beyond a vague, un-named “we need a new direction”, what, exactly, did those voters think they were getting? Hopefully they thought they were voting to raise taxes, spend more and watch congress-people continue to behave badly, because that’s some of what they’ll get. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that’s what we’ll get, too!

After 40 years in the majority, Democrats struggled to adjust to becoming the minority party 12 years ago, but never seemed to understand that they weren’t “in charge” anymore. All they did was cry and threaten, threaten and cry. With George W. in the White House their cries and threats reached a fevered pitch. Now the tide has turned, but only the crying has stopped. The threats continue.

On the Friday following Nancy Pelosi’s “coronation”, The Orlando Sentinel ran this caption above a picture of her showing off her (non-existent) bicep: DEMOCRATS FLEX MUSCLES. Cute, but obnoxious. And although she promises the “spirit of partnership”, that spirit has already given up the ghost as she and her party strive to achieve their First 100 Hours goals. I happen to agree with a couple of their goals, and if they’re achieved, l’ll be happy to applaud them. Having said that, I don’t like the rest of them, starting with:

Increase the minimum wage. Ya’ know … it’s difficult to come out against that one without being accused of being cold-hearted, indifferent, unconcerned and unsympathetic. Well, I guess I’m all of the above, because I think a minimum wage is just a step in the direction the liberals want to take our country … toward socialism and the redistribution of wealth. Socialism espouses collective or government ownership and management of the way we produce and distribute goods, in contrast to what our economy is supposed to be based on, capitalism. While socialism stresses “cooperation” and social service (sounds good), capitalism stresses competition and profit (is good).

There’s a huge chasm between people who believe in Socialism and those who believe in Capitalism. That chasm is a result of wealth envy, a complete lack of understanding that Capitalism built this country and keeps it going, and socialistic-leaning politicians who count on the existence of that chasm to win votes for them. The biggest argument in favor of a minimum wage seems to be, “It’s not fair”. That used to be our kids’ favorite argument when they didn’t like an answer they got.

Not fair to whom? Certainly it’s not fair to the person who got together whatever it took to start a business and is trying to make it profitable. Why isn’t it fair? A lot of blame for what is called the working-class poor is laid on our (poor) educational system. I agree that our educational system isn’t what it needs to be, but a lot of successful businesses have been started by people who came out of that same educational system. In fact, a lot of successful businesses have been started by people who didn’t even have an 8th grade education.

The irony here is that the very people who foster this wealth-envy and class warfare are so far removed from knowing what it means to be uneducated and poor that it’s ludicrous.

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