The Democrats Are Back, Hide Your Wallets, Guns, And Liberties

By: Doug Hagin

Yes, the Democrats are back in power, and back in the swing of things. When the Democrats regained control of the House and Senate earlier this month, folks like me just knew it would not take long for the leftism, which is increasingly pervasive in the Democratic Party, to come to the forefront. And, in fact, the leftism is now creeping out, and it is no different than it was in 1994, the last time Democrats held majorities in the House and Senate.

Take, for example, the increased calls from the new Congress that America talk with Iran, and Syria, to find solutions to Iraq. Sure, let us talk and play nice with two evil regimes, which actively sponsor terrorism, and have nothing but the demise of Israel, and America in mind. Of course, these two nations are helping to cause the unrest in Iraq; in reality, they are likely arming those fighting American and Iraqi troops. Still, in their never-ending push to surrender to our enemies, the Democrats want us to talk with these enemies.

Iraq is just one example. Consider the House has already made it easier to raise taxes, doing away with the requirement of a super-majority vote for tax hikes. Now, all that is required is a simple majority for Democrats to raid our wallets. Of course, we still have a president who believes that our money IS our money, but ask yourself this in regards to a future president opposing tax increases: What would Hillary do? Yeah, I thought so.

What other failed leftist issues might be raised in the next few years? Hillary care? You can bet your bottom dollar, at least until Democrats tax it of course, on that one popping up repeatedly. How about withdrawing from Iraq before that nation is stable? Sure, they are saying they will not cut funding while the troops are “in harm’s way” now. Does anyone actually think the Democrats, should they win the White House in 2008, will not do to Iraq what leftist political fools did to Vietnam?

Certainly, the Democrats, while being careful not to seem critical of the troops, are right now bashing the war in Iraq at every turn. Face it; the Democratic Party has a consistent record on facing down our enemies. It is a record of appeasement and retreat. It is also a record that has caused great harm to America. However, do not expect Democrats to learn from history.
Whatever happens with the issues already discussed, know that on three key issues, the Democrats are already back in early 1990’s form. Those issues? Guns, border security, and fairness in media.

First, there is the newly resurrected “Fairness Doctrine”. This piece of Marxist inspired censorship is presented as a way to give the media more, get ready, diversity, and help the media better serve the public interest. As my friend, Edward Daley wrote recently, YEAH RIGHT! The “fairness Doctrine” is a fraud that would seek to assert government control over what we see, read and hear.

Conservatives dominate talk radio, and Democrats hate that fact. This new law would require stations carrying, say, Glenn Beck’s radio show, to have balance by allowing equal time to an opposing view.

Sounds OK on paper, but consider that talk radio is a business, based on competition. The reason talk radio is dominated by Conservatives is because the American people listen to Conservative talk radio. Liberal talk radio? It has bombed repeatedly. It gets terrible ratings. Radio stations would be forced to have half of its programming dedicated to a format that does not get ratings. Want to take a wild guess what radio stations would do to escape this needless government interference? If you said drop Conservative shows and change formats, then go to the head of the class.

The “Fairness Doctrine” is not about fairness, it is about Liberals who want to silence talk radio. There is a reason many Communist, and Socialist groups are in favor on this law. They want the type of government censorship that restricts views that do not toe the leftist line. Moreover, imagine how long it will take these miscreants to find a way to apply “fairness, to blogs and Conservative websites?

The other troubling bill comes from an Arizona state representative and it is aimed directly at gun owners and the Minutemen. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is formerly a member of the Green Party, introduced HB 2286 this past week.

Among other things, this bill would define anyone not formally affiliated with law enforcement that patrols for illegal activity while armed as a domestic terrorist. Under the bill, violation of the new law would carry a mandatory jail term.

Got that kids? You have no right, according to this neo-Marxist, to take responsibility for your safety. It is clear that this law would punish those who care about law and order. The actual criminals, well who cares about them. It is those damned gun owners and Minutemen that are a threat to our future. Remember this bill forbids even patrolling and detecting illegal acts if armed. What of the many Arizona residents who legally carry firearms? They are now the bad guys I guess.

Of course, this law is also aimed at anyone who dares to oppose illegal immigration. After all, anyone who thinks America is a sovereign nation with a duty to defend its borders must be a racist right? Rep. Sinema thinks so. “I’ve been monitoring the Minutemen for a year now“, Sinema told “and they’re just scary. Race-based tactics always lead to violence, Remember, the Ku Klux Klan was the first-ever group to patrol the border between the U.S. and Mexico back in the ’70s.”
So there you are kids. The Minutemen are really Klansmen! That race card is played once again! Yes, the same old Democrats are back, and your liberty, income, gun rights, and free speech is on their hit list.

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