Banty Rooster-Types Prey on Our “Chicks”

By: Patti Bankson

Although I’m not a huge Geraldo Rivera fan, I have watched him occasionally when he reported on an interesting topic. Regardless of the passing of time, he hasn’t really changed that much. Like the rest of us, he’s older, grayer and a little more wrinkled. Otherwise he’s still a feisty little Banty Rooster with an exaggerated sense of manliness. He seems to think that virility, courage and strength go hand-in-hand with masculinity. In other words, the guy’s drowning in machismo! In a way that makes him kind of funny. But, when you think about it, the kinds of attitudes he puts out there are actually quite far from humorous.

On a weekend news program discussing female teachers molesting male students he was asked: “Is it right for pretty female teachers with great bodies to get such light punishment for their actions compared to the punishment male teachers get for molesting female students?”

Not surprisingly, Geraldo belongs to the “she’s too pretty to go to jail” school of thought. Talking personally he said that if his son was involved sexually with a female teacher, “that’s one thing; but if it’s my daughter, I’ll go looking for him (the male teacher) with a stick!” He added: “With a boy that kind of thing is a bragging right – there’s no scar on the psyche.” (Notice that when he was talking about his son he called it ‘sexual involvement’, not sexual molestation.) Unfortunately, he’s not the only male who thinks that way … how many times have you heard a man say, while salivating so much they had trouble getting their words out, “They didn’t make them (female teachers) that way when I was in school” ? Hello! How do they look at boys with a wink and a “boys will be boys” attitude without realizing that their own daughters – or sisters and nieces – could be fishing in this very dating pool?? Are they really so naïve as to believe these guys suddenly become different people when they’re with their daughters or female relatives?? Ah, but, I digress.

We have to understand this is not about sex, just as rape isn’t about sex. It’s about power and control. It’s about the power of someone in authority to exercise control over someone in a subordinate position. It’s about whether it’s EVER okay for an adult to have a sexual relationship with a child of any age or either gender. Male molesters use puppies to lure their victims – females use their looks and society’s skewed attitude on this subject to lure their victims. No matter what lure is used, no matter the molester’s gender, no matter the victim’s gender, either sex between adults and children is wrong or it’s not.

The sexualization of our children is rampant. The line defining the “age of consent” continues to be blurred further and further. Bad – even illegal – behavior in adults has become so acceptable that either it goes un-noticed … or goes on TV and wins an Emmy. On top of all that, the law and the courts have forgotten whom they’re sworn to protect.

I don’t know whether this is the trickle-up or the trickle-down theory in action. All I do know is it will not change until decent people with their heads screwed on right take some action of their own.

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