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January 30, 2007

CBS Report Uses al Qaeda Propaganda Film, Claims it’s ‘CBS Obtained’

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So, here is a question: Why is CBS using propaganda film originally posted on an al Qaeda website and claiming it is merely “CBS obtained” with no mention of the actual source for Lara Logan’s report on The “Battle of …

The Importance of Families

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Malachi, a prophet who probably ministered in the 60 years after the first groups of Israelites returned to Jerusalem from Babylon, gives us God’s Word on the subject.

Should Free Speech Be a Criminal Offense?

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Because life in the city of Brazoria, Texas, is as close to Heaven as God will allow, Mayor Ken Corley has been forced to create controversy just to assure that Brazoria does not fall into oblivion.

One Citizen’s Response

With all the political events of the past week, I was going to issue you an apology. Seeing how the people of whom I would be apologizing for are self-centered, self-righteous, better-than-anyone citizens of our great nation, let it …