If You Miseed the “Peace” Proests

By: Doug Hagin

The “peace” marches or protests or whatever you wish to call them certainly showed us a whole lot about the left in America didn’t it? Yes, I would say the scenes and sound bytes from this weekends “peace” protesters did a very good job of showing which side the left is on. Moreover, believe me kids; it is not the side of the troops!

On my website http://gatorsense.com/id13.html , there are links to many pictures and videos of the leftist moonbats in all their glory. Everyone should take a long look at these images and hear, I mean really hear what these folks are saying. In short if you missed the protest, and have not witnessed or heard any of it, let me share some high, oops, I mean lowlights with y’all.

If you missed the protests, you missed the return of Hanoi Jane. Sadly for Jane Fonda she could not find any North Vietnamese Communists to pal around with, undeterred, she still managed to smear America our troops, blame the slaughter in Vietnam AND Cambodia after the US pulled out of the Vietnam War on America. Exactly how we were responsible for the millions tortured and butchered Jane did not say, but you did not really expect her to blame her Communist thug buddies did you? Hell no! Not when there is America to bash. How about a new name for Fonda? I deem her Jihad Jane!

You also missed Dennis Kucinich imploring his fellow Neo-Marxists to find out the truth about 9-11! I guess Kucinich thinks it was an inside job, that rationale seemed to be in abundance at this protest. Again blame America for anything, everything, and do it every time! Of course Kucinich has accused this country of deliberately targeting Afghan civilians so, this kind of wacky 9-11 was an inside job business is right up his alley.

If you missed the “peace” protest, you missed the intellectual giants of Hollywood, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins as well. Penn, as usual had absolutely nothing of any intellectual value to say. He is a good actor, too bad he could not act as if he had a clue this weekend. When asked what we should do about Iran’s professed aim to build nuclear weapons, and their threats to use them, Penn answered that we should understand Iran’s concerns that WE have nuclear weapons. See, AGAIN, it is America painted as the bad guy. According to Penn, we must understand a country run by a psycho who says the Holocaust never occurred and who has repeatedly said Israel and the US should be eradicated!

Sarandon, displayed her true leftist compassion when she was asked if she thought more civilians would die if the US pulled out of Iraq. She replied that 650,000 had died already. 650,000? The Brookings Institute estimates the civilian death toll, as of last July, to be 59,000. The United Nations, estimates a total of 150,000 civilian deaths in Iraq. So exactly where Sarandon gets her inflated numbers is anyone’s guess. However, to her, it does not matter. It is also clear that it is unimportant to her how many die if we leave. Her whole grievance is with America apparently.

Tim Robbins was also asked if Iraq might get worse if America pulls out. His reply? Well, tapping into his intellectual depth, Robbins asked the reporter why he was not fighting in Iraq. Got that? When a question was posed to Robbins that forced him to examine the possible consequences of his aims, he chose to run away from the challenge by attacking the reporter. Robbins, like all Leftists, is an ideological coward, afraid to debate and intellectually defend his values and beliefs!

If you missed the protests, you also missed many interesting signs. There were the usual signs comparing Bush with Hitler, and the signs calling the war a war for oil, American imperialism, blah, blah, blah. There was one sign at the rally in San Diego that said support for the troops was support for genocide. There were of course signs decrying our loss of freedoms, exactly which freedoms, the signs generally did not say. Of course, I have yet to hear any Leftist actually back up that claim, so there you go. You also missed several Communist groups, and people displaying open support for Palestine, and wearing head scarves generally seen being worn by Jihadists and terrorists. Things that make you go HMMMM.

You missed cretins who defaced the Capitol with spray paint, you missed miscreants who spat on a US veteran who lost a leg in Iraq as well. The wounded soldier Joshua Sperling said on the Sean Hannity Show on Monday, that several of these thugs also threatened him. Is that what the Left is about? Gangs beating up one-legged men? I suppose given the left’s excusing of Stalin, Pol Pot, and Jihadists, this should not surprise anyone though! Just as a side note, Sperling also received a card last year while recovering at Walter Reed wishing him to die. YEP, that is the Marxist loving “peaceful” left!

What one thing did you miss the most though? Well you missed repeated cries from the speakers to “support the troops”. About every five seconds, a speaker was imploring everyone to support the troops. Yet much of the rhetoric was decidedly anti-troops. Saying support the troops is fine, but following that up with saying the war is a failure, or that America is losing, or has lost, or that Iraq is another Vietnam, or that this war is illegal, or immoral, or that Bush is Hitler, cancels out your “support”! You cannot at once support these heroes and bash, in the most hateful and insulting terms, their mission!
So, see, you missed a whole lot. A lot of Communists, Leftist, radicals, anarchists, thugs, morons, miscreants, punks with cans of spray paint Hollywood elites, bullies, America bashers, and terrorist sympathizers! In short you missed the very worst elements of America. You missed those leeches who use the freedom America gives to try their best to destroy America!

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