How much?

By: Carolyn Hileman

They lived among us daily, played with the kids next door, even went to school and worked among us. They took their neighbors kids to ball games, they frequented bars and by all accounts they were living the American dream. They were not your average Americans; they were immigrants here on student visas, visa’s that had expired. Striving hard to be politically correct no one even bothered to notice even when their behavior was a little bit odd after all who are we to judge these hard working young men who came here to better their lives, to make a future.

Chances were after all that they had family that they were trying to bring over, another piece of cloth sewn into the bright fabric of our multicultural society. They could bring all sorts of things with them to our country, all sorts of skills and knowledge. They could enhance our nation and bring with them all sorts of surprises and that they did. The immigrants I am speaking of are not just your run of the mill illegal immigrants, no they were the terrorists who killed almost three thousand people in one day. And they brought with them fear, hatred and disdain and laid it all at our door step in a matter of minutes.

It would be wrong to say that all immigrants wish us harm, but it would also be stupid to say that they are the only ones. It would also be stupid to assume that only Muslim immigrants wish us harm and that it would take millions of them to hurt the great America, after all we know by experience that it only took 19. All of us would love to say that was a long time ago and it is over now, we can go back to normal life, but we simply cannot afford to think that way simply because it was that type of thinking that got almost three thousand of our people killed.

It would only take one immigrant coming into America with a suitcase bomb to take out an entire city; it would have only taken one person sinking to violence in March for those so called peaceful protests to turn in to the worst nation wide violence that this country has ever known, just one. Are we so vain as a nation to honestly believe that if those who had marched in our streets had become violent that we could have stopped them? Our police has not the man power to stop something that big and that angry and you and I both know it.

When an air plane flies to close to the White house, do we scramble the jets? When there were hundreds of thousands of people mostly illegal immigrants marching in our streets were there enough police in riot gear to be able to control the situation? We have become complacent, we now believe once again that we are too big, too mighty to ever be touched, and we are wrong. However, it will take another three thousand or more deaths in a matter of minutes for us to figure it out, simply because the nation’s media outlets do not wish us to know what is really going on. They want us to believe that none of these people would ever do us harm, that 9/11 was just a few bad apples, and the sad thing is way to many people are listening…

They would have us to believe that all they care about is our safety while debating in congress on how to allow more illegal’s to come here and how to give terrorists the same rights as you and I, it is not American’s that they care about it is our image to the outside world and I for one do not care what any other country thinks about us, I care if my children have a world left to grow up in. How else do you explain these people who spend all of their time demoralizing our troops, attacking our president and everything that we the American’s consider sacred? The example they go by is that of France and let me tell you I am not going to sit by and let them turn us into wimps just so the UN is happy.

They stood in our streets ten thousand of them, led by Hanoi Jane herself, one would assume she is trying to relive her glory days and make damn sure that her ugly anti American sentiment permeates every generation. It is her duty to assure that our troops are spit on and called murderers just as she made sure that those brave men coming back from Vietnam were. Everyone knows she worked with the enemy, they know she visited prison camps to demoralize our troops, even posed with pictures of the enemy yet ten thousand Americans stood next to her. What must it feel like to live in a country that you hate with every being in your body? What must it feel like to pray for the defeat of your very own country?

How much does it take to turn your back on your country and your countrymen? What is the cost? How much would it take for you to turn a blind eye and allow your country to be invaded by illegal immigrants or communist’s disguised as democrats? What did it take for you to sit down at a game instead of saying a prayer? What did they have to call you before you stopped saying that illegal immigrants should be sent home? How many news clips did you have to see on the media before you decided our troops were murderers? How much have you sold your soul for? A nice quiet evening at home with your family, you’re standing in the community? A new house, new car, new TV? How much was your country worth, was it worth it to turn your head, don’t you feel so proud of yourself now?

You can say you never sold out your country, why you never did anything, and that right there is my point, you never did anything. You never stood up or if you did you sat down quietly when they started to yell you down. You say that you want to preserve our country for your children and grand children, yet you do nothing to help preserve it, you look the other way when it is being attacked both from the outside and the inside and assume that the government can fix everything. You enjoy your luxury of having a nice warm home and loving family to go home to every night but never once give thought to those who are serving miles away from home who will not sleep in a warm bed, kiss their kids goodnight or be able to tell their love goodnight. The only thought you give to it is that you sure wish they would hurry up because you are sick and tired of hearing about it daily, I wonder what they are sick of.

You complain to your friends that the illegal immigrants are taking over; I mean really you can’t turn a corner without seeing something written in Spanish. But you still turn your head; you look the other way and say things like well they have to make a living to. You wouldn’t consider alerting authorities to their existence, you wouldn’t consider monitoring their behavior, why that would be wrong, it would be profiling, it would be offensive to them, 2996 is offensive to America. If only someone had called the FBI when these men wanted to learn to fly a plane but not land it, if only the cops that stopped them the day before had called ICE, if only someone had cared more about our country than how it looked if they had turned them in 2996 men and woman would be alive today. No one cared enough for their country to risk all that they had gained by alerting someone, anyone, and here we are today. The flight instructor did not want a lawsuit, after all it would take everything he ever worked for, and the cop didn’t want the hassle of typing up a report and having to detain them or even the problems of being called a racist. So our country was sold out for a business and a chance to go home early. We know how much that cost us, we know how much they were willing to sell out their country for, now the question is posed to the rest of us, how much would it take to sell out your country, to turn your head and look the other way? How much?

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