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February 8, 2007

My State of the Union Address

Filed under: Politics In General - 08 Feb 2007

My fellow Americans, I come before you today (or tonight, depending on when you read this) to talk to you about the state of the United States. Sure, President Bush beat me to it, but hey, he’s the President and …

Bow Down

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,Religion & Faith - 08 Feb 2007

Thou shalt honor no God before me, and yet we do so every single day, we honor the God’s in congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Each and every time we defer to their infinite wisdom and do …

Contentment: God Will Provide

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 08 Feb 2007

Sunday’s sermon at the Long Ridge Congregational Church (a non-UCC congregation in North Stamford, Connecticut) was preached by the Reverend Jason Pankow. His principal text was 1 Timothy 6:3-10.

Clinton Beginning to Sound Like Hugo Chavez

Although more than a few Democrat leaders are working very hard to turn the USA into a socialist Nanny state, 2008 presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton blatantly threw down her gauntlet on Friday. In an apparent attempt to outdo Venezuela’s …