Bow Down

By: Carolyn Hileman

Thou shalt honor no God before me, and yet we do so every single day, we honor the God’s in congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Each and every time we defer to their infinite wisdom and do not pray in the schools, at the games, in public places we are bowing to our new God. It not all shiny, we don’t parade it through the streets, no we bow down to it in the silence of our hearts and minds when we by omission refuse to bow down to the one true God. When we visit the court houses at Christmas to see the decorations and take no offence that our saviors not allowed there we are bowing down.

When we blindly accept the word of the ACLU that our constitution allows for so called separation of church and state, when we refuse to look for the facts ourselves and instead allow others to dictate our beliefs we have bowed down. It is in the Christian nature to turn the other cheek; however, we as a whole have turned our entire head and refused God. When we allow a cross to be removed, a statue of the Ten Commandments to be removed we have bowed down to our new God. When preachers and priests, shy away from speaking God’s words so as not to offend anyone or lose their precious tax status they are doing nothing more than bowing down to their new God.

Be it money, be it fear, be it being politically correct, be it wanting to keep the peace, or using the persecution to drum up support for the cause they are bowing down. One is left to wonder if left among us that call ourselves Christians there is one who would stand the fire, give up their very life so as not to bow down to the God that is before them and I am willing to bet not. We have those among us that worship a political party or a racial divide. We have those among us whose sole purpose is to drive the gays out of our country and they have forsaken everything else to fit the means.

When we as a community allow abortion clinics to spot our country and say oh what a shame but never lift a finger to stop it, we have just bowed down to our new God. So who is your new God? Is it your new home, your new car, is it your ability to be self righteous because you would never dictate to anyone how to live their lives, you would never vote your conscience because you do not believe in legislating morality? Is your new God, your standing in the community? Why you would never risk that for a God that you can’t even see. What ever it is, who ever it is, what ever you believed was the right thing to do because everyone else did is wrong. It is your new idol, your God; it is what sustains you and it to shall pass away.

Now we all want to be nice, good little servants, we would never wish to rock the boat, we would never dream of standing up for what we believe in because someone else might believe something else. So we pick up that idol, and we carry it ever where we go, we carry it to church and it sits in the pew right next to us, it follows us home and it stands there all shiny and bright as a testament to our success. We bow down at night to say our prayers but we never ask the Lord to help us shed that idol because it is what we believe in our hearts is what we are. There will come a day, when your idols will be smashed to rubble, your so called friends will betray you and you will be left with one single decision. You will be asked to bow to your new God and by all means don’t let us stop you, bow down.

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