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By: Patti Bankson

The current race for the White House resembles drive-time on an L.A. freeway: more traffic than the road was intended to bear, everyone jockeying for a place in the fast lane and a bit of road-rage. For people in the public eye, not making it off the 405 safely or getting caught in a political traffic jam usually depends on whether past statements or behavior catch up with them, and how they handle them if they do.

In 2002 the Senate voted 77-23 and the House voted 296-133 to authorize the attack on Iraq. Among the Senators voting “Aye” were John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, John Warner and Chuck Schumer; others voting “Aye” who are now presidential candidates are Joe Biden, John Edwards, Sam Brownback and Hillary Clinton.

Regardless of how they voted, these are some of the President’s loudest and harshest critics. When confronted by their change in position, the most common response is: “my position hasn’t changed, it has simply evolved”. Good try. But, semantics aside, the end result is the same … you’re staging a sit-in against something you once stood for. That’s just one of what I expect to be many attempts to tip-toe unscathed through a field (of their own making) of political landmines. It’s already started.

Hillary Clinton . In December she said if she had known then what she knows now, she “wouldn’t have voted that way.” Hey! I feel that way about a lot of my past mistakes, but so what? I did what I did and the consequences of those decisions are the consequences. That excuse doesn’t work for “we, the people”; why do we continue to allow it to work for “them, the politicians”?

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee. They voted unanimously – 80 to 1 – to make Lt. General Petraeus Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq. Not only does the General support the President’s increase in troops, but he helped create that plan. Additionally, he asked the Pentagon to study a possible troop increase above what the President wants. So … they approve the General, the President asks them to give his (and the General’s) plan a chance and the Senate’s response is to introduce a resolution stating their opposition to the President’s proposal. The resolution is non-binding … it means – and does – absolutely nothing, except let politicians who aren’t getting their way “express themselves” again … and again.

Kansas Senator Brownback said: “We can’t go forward in this country with one party for the war and one party against it … one party for the troop surge, one party against it. I think we have to come together here to be able to win over there.”

Exactly. But here’s part of the problem – he, and other self-serving Republicans in cahoots with Bush-hating Democrats think that “coming together” means “my way or the highway”. The other part of the problem: they don’t understand that there is only one CEO, or in this case, one Commander-in-Chief. Submit your ideas? Sure. It may turn out that your plan is the one implemented. Or it may be your plan doesn’t float. If that happens and the chosen direction is one that you can’t – or won’t – support, maybe it’s time to start checking the classifieds for a new job.

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